Years of Enthusiasm: France

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Years of Enthusiasm: France


In the 17th century, King Louis XIV built up the most powerful absolute monarchy on the European Continent, by which France reached its first historic peak in economy, culture and military strength. The city of Paris was born in that prosperous period. Louis XIV’s preference for culture and art spurred a strong worship for ideology and culture among citizens, thereby laying a foundation for the ubiquitous acceptance of enlightenment thought sweeping through the whole of Europe.


The Enlightenment thought broke theological shackles in the Dark Ages, and opened a door for reason. The contradiction between the three social hierarchies, a long time-unsolved trouble, was becoming increasingly fierce. In 1789, Great French Revolution broke out and Declaration of Human Rights and Civil Rights was issued accordingly. It is the freedom, equality, fraternity in France that exerted a deep influence throughout the world. Human rights occupy an important position in all cultural heritages of the French nation, and also have been listed in The United Nations charter and world cultural heritage. No matter under what circumstances, human rights must be maintained and safeguarded.


However, extreme events and prolonged instability pervaded in France due to persecution occurred in Monarchies. Against this backdrop, Napoleon Bonaparte, the son of great revolution, once again brought France to the peak through military force.


However, military expansion was not necessary a long-term solution to safeguard the great power status. As shown by the history, it is obvious that such military conquest as Louis XIV and Napoleon did would not guarantee a stable great power in the long run. Charles De Gaulle once said that progress is the only way to safeguard national independence. In this case, it is impossible for a poor and backward France to truly have a place in the world. It is exactly during the Charles De Gaulle period that France have seen a full economic recovery.


Great ideas are only for these nations that show respect to thoughts. Only those nations possessing great thoughts can be able to carry themselves forward continuously. Liberty, equality, and fraternity are all good ideals cherished by the whole human society, which might just be dream of the ivory tower, people, however, could be able to relentlessly pursue it in the infinite days ahead. During this process of searching for the ideal, France has found its own way, with its unique features.