Seeking the Way to Strengthen the Nation: Russia

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Seeking the Way to Strengthen the Nation: Russia


In 1697, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great went to Europe to travel and study. After coming back, with tough means he carried out a social reform from dress, meal to scientific education, commercial activity and army building. After defeating the powerful enemy Sweden, Peter ordered to build a new capital St. Petersburg which faced Europe.


Catherine the Great who inherited Peter’s reform introduced Europe’s enlightenment thought, added importance to education and tried to draft law, yet the reform couldn’t confront the serf system. The queen’s achievements can only be seen through the territorial expansion. By the latter part of the 18th century, Russia had become a big country that was straddling Europe, Asia and America and began to play an important role in the European affairs.


Yet due to the serf system, Russia quickly fell behind the industrialized Britain and France in economy and technology. A group of intellectuals like Leo Tolstoy hoped to find their own way and it was in this thinking that Russia gradually created its own civilization.  


Soviet regime was established after the October Revolution in 1917. When exploring the socialist way that had never been tried before, Lenin adjusted the communism policy into New Economic Policy according to the practice and the economy gradually recovered. After Lenin died and faced with the international environment of blockage and war threat, Stalin decided to step up the industrialization process and began to conduct the planned economy with emphasis on heavy industry. Through two five-year plans, the Soviet Union leaped to become a big industrial country which surprised Europe and America. Glory of the industrialization covered up the drawback of planned economy and quickly the coming World War II tested its outcome. Soviet Union’s new industrial district and her people’s sacrifice won them the war and the deserved position as a responsible power. Today, the Russian are striving for their national rejuvenation and its future is worthy of expectation.