A New Nation and a New Dream: The United States

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A New Nation and a New Dream: The United States


The vast continent of North America has been home to the Indians for many generations until in the 15th century when the Europeans discovered the New World. Since then immigrants from Europe flocked to North America, setting up one colony after another. By the end of the 18th century, Britain has established 13 colonies in succession around the Atlantic Coast in North America.


In the year 1776, thirteen British colonies in North America announced the establishment of the United States of America and in 1787 formulated the written constitution which had a far-reaching influence on America. With the most advanced technology brought by the European immigrants, America took the relay baton from Europe and finished the Industrial Revolution quickly. Since then America developed rapidly, yet the slavery system finally brought about the American Civil War in 1860.Led by President Lincoln, the North won this war and maintained national unity and the central government grew stronger and stronger since then.


Thanks to Edison, America was the first to enter the electrical era. Institutional guarantee for invention and creation became the driving force for America’s development. In 1894, America became the number one economic power in the world and free competition facilitated America to embrace the golden age from the end of 19th century to early 20th century. Yet problem quickly emerged: monopoly led to business insolvency of small-and-medium-sized companies; there was growing income disparity in society and contradiction between labor and capital intensified. The Americans began to reflect on this mode of economic and social development. President Theodore Roosevelt who took office in 1901 began government intervention into economy for the first time in American history through antitrust law and protecting workers’ interests and rights through legislation.


The year 1929 witnessed the beginning of the Great Depression which affected all the capitalist countries and especially America suffered a lot. The then American President Franklin Roosevelt strengthened government governance on the economy and introduced a series of New Deal measures which helped America to get out of the trouble and also initiated the mixed economy mode with both the visible hand(the government) and invisible hand(the market) acting on the economy.


The Second World War became a new turning point in America’s history and America became the number one in the world in terms of politics, economy, science and technology and military and began to lead the world since then.