The Chinese Dream--National Rejuvenation

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The Chinese Dream--National Rejuvenation


Since the First Opium War in 1840, the Chinese people have set on a journey for national liberation and renewal. In 1949, with the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese people won national independence and became master of their destiny. Now China is in a critical stage of building a prosperous society in an all-round way and the Chinese people are continuing their journey for national rejuvenation.


Making a general survey of the history of the rise of the 9 great powers, we can find that they have different starts, different processes and different endings, yet there are some interlinked rules. Power and prosperity brought by aggression and plunder is doomed to failure and reform of the system and development of science and technology are the source of national prosperity. Therefore China should stick to the following two key points in its development: adhering to the socialist road with Chinese characters and the thought that science and technology are the primary productive forces. The first guarantees the right direction for China and also there is complicated and close connection between rise of powers and scientific and technological innovations. Since the modern times, rise of the nations cannot be separated from scientific and technological innovations as well as the rapid development of industry brought by scientific and technological innovations.


The rise of China is not only rise of the economic output, trade volume and overall national strength; it is also exploration, innovation and demonstration of a new development mode. It serves as an enlightening role and demonstration effect for the developing countries which account for the largest number of the world population. It will prove that a successor of the modernization may also catch up with the developed countries in a relatively short period of time and achieve industrialization and modernization quickly. “The Chinese Road” will provide rich experience and really important references for the developing countries and makes a contribution for promoting the human progress.