‘Wolf Warriors 2’ Chomps $400M+ At Chinese Box Office; Now #2 Movie Ever

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导读:《战狼2》票房口碑齐飞 截止到昨天为止票房突飞猛涨已超过27亿。


Having heated up the Chinese box office last weekend, Wolf Warriors 2 is biting at new milestones in its 2nd frame. Through Saturday, the Wu Jing-helmed and starring action film is at an estimated $406M (RMB 2.73B) after 10 days in release and based on local reporting. It’s surpassed The Fate Of The Furious ($393M/RMB 2.6B) to become the No. 1 movie in China this year and the No. 2 ever, all combined. Now it’s gunning for The Mermaid and her all-time record.


In its debut last session, WW2 tallied $141.8M from Thursday-Sunday, the 2nd biggest start of the year behind F8. At just over $125M for the FSS, it edged out 2016’s The Mermaid for the three-day. That film, which went on to be China’s top movie of all time with $527M (at historical rates), bowed on a Monday during the February blackout last year. It took $152.8M in the first four days and then had an FSS of $122.3M.


Also starring Frank Grillo and with an assist from the Russo brothers who consulted on the pic, Wolf Warriors 2 is the sequel to 2015’s actioner Wolf Warrior which grossed about $87M at home that year. Celina Jade and Hans Zhang also star. Wu’s character has been billed as a sort of Chinese Rambo, and the action sequences are earning praise.

同样由弗兰克.格里洛主演的《战狼2》是2015年《战狼》的续集,该片在那年的票房收入约为8700万美元。Celina Jade和张翰也是明星。吴京饰演的角色被人们称为中国的兰博,同时其动作场景也赢得了赞誉。

Response from critics and audiences has been higher than on the original Wolf Warrior. On Douban, the story of a commando who heads to Africa to rescue Chinese nationals is at 7.6 versus the previous film’s 6.8. On Mtime, it’s at 7.5 versus 7.


It has overtaken the No. 2 Chinese movie ever, Monster Hunt, which grossed about $382M in 2015 (albeit under somewhat dubious circumstances). Scoring another RMB 660M to supplant The Mermaid‘s RMB 3.39B as the No. 1 movie ever in China appears assured given the firm holds and runway ahead. Local ticketing platform Maoyan is predicting a huge RMB 3.8B ($565M) finish.


Its last Saturday take of RMB 306.7M ($45.5M) was the second highest single-day ever for a domestic film and the sixth for any film at the mainland box office. This Saturday, it increased over 30%, liberating $59.6M (RMB 401M) with 143,882 screenings, per local research firm Ent Group.


Falling during the summer blackout kibosh on Hollywood imports this year, Wolf Warriors 2 (RMB 200M reported budget) is a much-needed boost for homegrown films at the Chinese box office which currently counts only two other local titles in the Top 10.


But let’s put this into a global perspective. The H Collective released Wolf Warriors 2 in the U.S. last weekend, taking $503K. Trinity Films, in partnership with Cine Asia and CMC Pictures, released it Friday in the UK and we’ll update those figures when they become available. In the meantime, while WW2 has beaten F8 in the home market, that doesn’t mean it’s translating abroad — a continuing bugaboo for Chinese movies. The Mermaid did about $27M outside the PROC. That’s a solid number for a contemporary release from the Middle Kingdom, but these films still have difficulty breaking out internationally. F8 is still the biggest import, and made over $1.24B worldwide.

但让我们从全球的角度来看待这个问题。上周末,H Collective在美国发布了《战狼2》,仅获得了50万美元票房。Trinity Films将与Cine Asia、CMC Pictures公司合作,于周五在英国上映此电影,届时我们将更新票房数据。与此同时,虽然《战狼2》在国内市场上击败了《速度与激情8》,但这并不意味着它的市场在海外也能行得通,这是中国电影的一个规律。《美人鱼》海外票房约为2700万美元,这是由Middle Kingdom提供的可靠数据,这些电影在国际上推广仍有困难。《速度与激情8》仍然是票房最高的进口电影,在全球范围内票房超过12.4亿美元。

Wolf Warriors 2 currently has the 2nd biggest gross for a single territory in 2017. It’s ahead of Wonder Woman‘s projected North American haul through Sunday of $399.4M. Beauty And The Beast still reigns supreme with $504M domestically.


Director and star Wu told China Daily this week — which also marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese army — “As of now, China has few such military movies. We are still exploring the genre and hope to raise the bar.”