Students receive admission letters written with Chinese writing brush

时间:2017-08-12 单词数:2020

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Nearly 800 new pupils of Lianhua Elementary School in Hefei, Anhui province, is reported to have received a unique gift: an admission letter in which their names are written by teachers using Chinese writing brush. Similarly, Shaanxi Normal University has been sending their freshmen calligraphy admission letters for eleven years. Several former professors in their 70s take about a week writing the more than 4,500 admission letters every year.

据报道,安徽省合肥市莲花小学近800名新生收到了一份特殊的礼物:一纸他们的名字由老师们用毛笔书写的通知书。无独有偶 ,陕西师范大学已经向新生寄送书法录取通知书有11个年头了。每年,数名70岁高龄的退休教授会花一个礼拜左右的时间写完4500余份录取通知书。

It is believed in China that “handwriting is the man,” which means good handwriting can not only cultivate one’s temperament, but can also reflect one’s literacy and disposition. At present, traditional calligraphy has again become a compulsory lesson in many Chinese primary and middle schools, which aim to enhance students’ cultural competence. At the same time, parents are attaching great importance to children’s calligraphy practice. It is fair to say that calligraphy is not left out in today’s fast-paced society; instead, its incomparable value is standing out.


The charm of Chinese traditional culture embodied in calligraphy can always strike a chord with writers and viewers. Do you have any interest in learning it?