How tight is Xi Jinping’s foreign schedule? Planned to the minute, a documentary reveals

没时间吃饭 习近平出访日程忙到以分钟计!
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导读:28次出访,飞行里程约57万公里,累计时长193天,足迹遍及五大洲、56个国家以及主要国际和区域组织。 这,是中国国家主席习近平同志5年来的外交路。


Five years, 28 tours, 193 days, 570,000 kilometers. These figures are a sketch of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s foreign tours.


In the past five years , the President’s charter plane has carried him to 56 countries and major international and regional organizations in five continents. It is fair to say that there are few presidential planes in the world as busy as Xi’s plane.


The President’s tight schedule is often planned to the minute. “President Xi can be so busy he has no time to eat,” said Zhou Yu, a female translator for Xi.


“Once he had no time to have dinner. During a short transit between two bilateral meetings, his guard gave me a box of biscuits and told me to remind him to eat some so that he wouldn’t be too hungry,” Zhou recalled in the "Major-Country Diplomacy," a six-episode political documentary series which hit Chinese screens starting Aug. 28.

“有一次完全没有时间吃晚饭。主席的警卫员趁着从一场双边活动到另一场双边活动,就塞了一盒饼干给我,说你待会到车上让主席吃几块垫补一下,别太饿着了。” 在8月28日开始播出的六集大型政论片《大国外交》中,周宇这样回忆道 。