Tsinghua University reported 11 graduate disciplinary action: beat his girlfriend, theft of teacher account

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Tsinghua University recently learned from a number of insiders, Tsinghua University Graduate School, the party postgraduate work department on August 31 in Tsinghua University, China issued a notice involving 11 graduate disciplines notice , Including fraudulent use of school name in the community to participate in activities, marry outside with others, stay in the dormitory overnight and beat the opposite sex, in the female toilet peeping, and a number of violations of school discipline rules.


In order to maintain the normal education and teaching order of the school, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of schools and students, to build a good school style of study, education students better compliance, according to the Ministry of Education “Ordinary higher school student management regulations” and our school “Tsinghua University students disciplinary rules and regulations”, while insisting on punishing the former, the treatment of the principle of treatment, from September 2016 to July 2017, my school graduate disciplinary decision (excluding violation of accommodation management The notice of disciplinary action is as follows.


The subjects were reported to include eight doctoral students, two graduate students and one in-service postgraduate, the students were warned, serious warning, remember, stay in school or expelled school and other disciplinary action.


In the above announcement in detail the 11 graduate students discipline, including a 2014 master graduate student on September 28, 2016 theft of school office teachers, a campus network account, fraudulent use of the same class students in the name of fabricated college teachers in violation of teaching order , Illegal changes in student achievement and other facts, to the school, the hospital led the letter to send a letter, in an attempt to prevent their roommate results reconsideration of their roommates and students to retaliate against the students of the behavior caused a very serious adverse effects, a serious violation of the school rules School discipline, was given exemption from school duty.


The announcement also said that a male graduate student in a class of graduate students in 2013 had an adverse effect on the relationship with others during the period from July 2017 to February 2017. The student’s behavior violated social morality and had a negative impact on school reputation, Discipline, was given a serious warning.


In addition, a 2014 male foreign doctoral students during the school repeatedly beat and have a relationship with their love of women, violating the privacy of others, threatening with words, intimidation of others. The behavior of the violation of other people’s personal rights, causing more serious impact, serious violations The school rules school discipline, was given to stay in school to observe the punishment, inspection period of one year.


Similar to the above case, a 2016 male graduate student in the evening of April 2017 in the dormitory content of the opposite sex overnight, and beat the opposite sex.The behavior of the students violated the personal rights of others, disrupted the dormitory management order, to the school reputation caused by larger Influence, a serious violation of the school discipline, was given to stay in school to observe the punishment, inspection period of one year.


Another 2016 male doctoral students in the June 1, 2017 in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, a female toilet peeping, causing adverse effects of the behavior of the violation of the personal rights of others, a serious violation of school discipline, was given Remember the punishment.