Hello iPhone 8: Apple confirms press event Sept. 12

苹果公司将于9月12号举办iPhone 8发布会
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导读:充满期待的iPhone 8手机将与本月12号解开神秘面纱,发布会地点定于苹果新总部的乔布斯剧院里,这里预计也是以后苹果公司举行的新品发布会的常用地点。此外预计称,iPhone 8售价将高于以往任何一款手机。

苹果公司将于9月12号举办iPhone 8发布会_usa today

Apple has made it official. The company will be holding a press event on Sept 12 at the aptly named Steve Jobs Theater inside its new spaceship-designed Cupertino, Calif., campus. And that’s where Apple will almost certainly unveil the next iPhone. It has been ten years ago, of course, since Jobs himself introduced the iPhone to the masses, initially at a Macworld event in nearby San Francisco.


The invitation sent out to members of the press sported an Apple logo with the words, “Let’s meet at our place.”


The rumored new iPhone 8 is likely to add wireless charging, a large edge-to-edge OLED screen, and perhaps facial unlocking. Apple may take away as well, given speculation that the home button, at least as we know it, will disappear, replaced instead by virtual alternatives. The future of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is also among the unknowns.

据外界推测,新一代iPhone 8将使用无线充电技术,配备一块大的无边框OLED屏幕以及支持面部识别技术。另据消息透露,此次的iPhone 8将取消Home键,并用虚拟按键代替,而Touch ID的指纹识别器如何设计目前处于未知。

What we do know for sure is that the new iPhone, not to mention current iPhone models and iPad tablets, will run iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which among other features, will emphasize augmented reality.

到目前为止,透露出来的消息是新一代iPhone,以及现有的IPhone机型以及iPad平板都将运行苹果公司新一代操作系统iOS 11,据称新版本的系统增加了许多特色功能,甚至有现实增强技术。

There’s been widespread speculation that the iPhone 8 could well cost $1000 or even hundreds of dollars more, though Apple may also bring out less expensive new iPhone models, likely to be called the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, for those on more limited budgets. Expect to learn details about pricing options that may alleviate some of the sticker shock.

之前有预测此次IPhone 8的售价将超过1000美元甚至更多,也有预测称此次同时将发布定价更低的IPhone 7S 和 7S Plus版本的机型来满足中低端消费者的需求,苹果公司此次在售价上提供多种选择也是为了缓解消费的 “标价冲击波”现象。

Beyond the phones, we may also see new Apple Watch models that can tap into wireless cellular service. And as always, surprises are possible.

除了发布新款手机外,还将发布新一代的Apple Watch,预计支持无线充电、蜂窝网络等,除此之外还将有其他惊喜。

USA TODAY will be on the scene with ongoing coverage.

USA TODAY届时将在发布会跟踪报道。