Dong Qing knelt to interview the old translator was praised the most beautiful three minutes kneeling three warm heart

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Dong Qing kneeling to interview the things that many people now know, yes ah! For the country to make contributions to the elderly kneel is not ugly, not to mention in order to respect and care for them in the No. 1 CCTV << school first class >>, the host Dong Qing interview with the famous translator Xu Yuanchong old man Of the time, show us what is etiquette, what is respect, what talent is worth you kneel down to him.


Interview process, Dong Qing 3 minutes kneeling 3 times, was netizens praised as ’kneeling out of the most beautiful Chinese pride’.


Xu Yuanchong elderly is a famous translator. Speaking of the famous, he has three very hard gas, enough arrogant ’identification chapter’:


First, the International Translator Union 2014 ’Northern Lights’ outstanding literary translation award, he is the award since its inception in 1999, the first won the Asian translator!


Second, the National Hanban, Peking University jointly established the ’International Sinology Translation Daya Award’;


Third, by the National Ministry of Culture and other units selected in 2015, ’the light of China --- the dissemination of Chinese culture annual figures.’

三是由国家文化部等单位评选的 2015年“中华之光———传播中华文化年度人物”。

At the beginning of the program, when the children heard the achievements of the elderly, they admired the applause.


Then, the elderly began to tell the children about their childhood learning story.


Including the old man said he was eight years old when he began to learn English, because it will not pronounce, the English letter W read ’piercing oil.’


X also read as ’scared to death,’ said this, the audience have been laughing old gentleman.


And when the elderly humorous interview video was spread on the network, we are more attention but the elderly side of the host Dong Qing attracted, because in this short 3 minutes, Dong Qing a total of kneeling 3 times.


For the first time, Dong Qing in the children when the introduction of the elderly when the English level, she knelt around the old man, with respect and respect for the eyes of the elderly to ask questions.


The second time, Dong Qing and the old man talked about the work of the elderly, the elderly just to pick up the answer, Dong Qing immediately knees on one knee, and the elderly to maintain the same level.


The third time, is about the elderly every night to read a Shakespeare, when Dong Qing with a concern and a little distressed tone asked the elderly to sleep at night.


Three questions, three kneeling, netizens have to see after the Dongqing have expressed praise:


Ma Yun’s volume: wearing high heels and tight skirts half kneeling on the stage, it is necessary to be elegant and humble is not an easy thing, Dong Qing this time every time doing very well!


Big Joe playing: neither overbearing nor humble, elegant and humble, calm atmosphere, respect for others, Dong Qing really good.


Waste head ah head: this kneeling is not only respect for the master, or respect for culture, it is the embodiment of self-cultivation ah!


Not only is this three kneeling interview, netizens feel that every one of her little tricks are just right, humble yet generous.


Including every time they bow down to listen to the elderly speech,


It was laughed when the old man was laughing straight and generous.


Just three minutes of video, Xu Yuanchong elderly and Dong Qing, so that the audience saw the embodiment of the two Chinese culture.


In an interview, Xu Yuanchong said:


’The greatest pleasure of my life is to do something with your favorite things and turn the beauty of a country into the beauty of the world.’


The old man’s life is devoted to the cause of translation, with his persistence and dedication to the ’beauty of the world’ is responsible, and Dong Qing is always with humility, self-confidence and generosity to ask themselves, always show the culture Respect.


As users said, the two people on the stage of the conversation, probably the hearts of the audience the most beautiful ’Chinese pride’ it.


A little more news


In fact, this interview is not the first cooperation between Dong Qing and Xu Yuanchong, who had interviewed the old man on the stage of the << reader.


Speaking of every day to adhere to the translation of three or four o’clock, the old man had a ’romantic’ had countless viewers:


The best of all ways

The best of all ways(一切办法中最好的办法)

To lengthen our days

To lengthen our days(延长我们的白天)

To steal some hours from the night

To steal some hours from the night(从夜晚偷几点钟)

Speaking of the work of the elderly - translation, Xu Father is more enthusiastic, happy in which the original host Dong Qing used to test the audience’s title, he was rushing to do!


Dong Qing: ’bed before the moonlight’ will be back, which English good point, in the bottom with me that you dare to turn?


Xu Yuanchong: This is not difficult to turn!


Father has come out of the translation version:


Pool of light

Pool of light

Bowing in homesickness I’m drowned

Bowing in homesickness I’m drowned

Moonlight water,


I am immersed in nostalgia


Simple poem, Father to nostalgia and moonlight are compared to the water, do not know how much you cut these four or six level!


With the love of translation and the love of traditional culture, he put << Chinese ancient poetry three hundred >> out of the country.He translated poetry by the Nobel Prize for literature as ’great Chinese traditional culture The sample ’!


However, such an old man was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2007, the doctor judged him up to seven years of life, the old man said:


’Life is not how many days you live,


But how many days did you remember,


You want to make every day you are worth remembering! ’


After every day, Xu old or work as usual, with his own words is ’I have done a lot of it!’ Although he could not remember how much work he had done, he was optimistic and energetically prolonged the thickness and length of life.


In the future, Xu Lao also has his own small target, he said, if they can live to 100 years old, put Shakespeare’s works translated.


Shakespeare created 37 plays (another 38) and 3 poems, with a total of 40 works. There are well known << Hamlet >>, << Othello >>, << Mike White >>, << King Lear >> Four tragedies and << Venice businessmen >>, << Midsummer Night’s Dream >>, << happy >>, << twelfth Night four comedy.


The Shakespearean translation of Shakespeare’s Complete Works is a daunting bones: one is large, and the second is that Shakespeare’s English is too classical, and it is very hard to read today. Thirdly, there are many puns and how to do it As implicit and sentimental, which is a great test of the translator skill.


At present, although there are nearly 30 old and there is no translation, but with his old elders of this momentum, I believe Xu old must be able to share the original Shakespeare to the people.