Increasing number of Chinese students heading to Africa to gain higher education

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In China we can see more African students on university campuses, which is a signal of a deeper China-Africa relationship, and the same trend is happening in Africa as well. Most Chinese students choose to study in universities in South Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa.


There are three types of Chinese students in Africa. One type is language students who major in local African languages such as Swahili in China and go to African countries to study the language.


Another type is non-language students who major in law, economy, culture, education or agriculture and go to African universities for six months to a year to learn more about the culture or for research. The above two types of students are all funded by the Chinese government.


A third type has been growing in recent years. More Chinese choose to develop their career and build a life in African countries, and some of their children tend to receive higher education in African countries.


Some Chinese who work in Africa also further their study in their free time. Many Chinese choose to join the MBA program, since they work in a Chinese state-owned enterprise, and an MBA degree could help advance their career.


In addition, as China and Africa’s relations and cooperation are heating up and more Chinese companies and investors come to Africa under The Belt and Road Initiative, more talents that understand Africa are needed.


Besides, the new generations have more internationalized, curious mindsets, and are more willing to see and experience Africa themselves without any stereotypes, rather than just reading about it in a textbook.