China’s ’Javanka’ fanatics dismayed as first daughter cancels visit

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‘Javanka’ fans across China had been counting the days until the power couple’s arrival.


“They’re a role model couple ... highly motivated and positive. That’s what lifts me up when I feel down,” raved Chen Bo, a media executive from the southern city of Guangzhou.


Guo Anni, a Beijing-based advertising rep, hailed Donald Trump’s eldest daughter as a paragon of female beauty and power: “I just buy Ivanka’s whole outlook on life.”


Yet this month’s hotly anticipated trip to China by the president’s daughter and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, now appears to have been scrapped, amid renewed anxieties over the state of relations between Washington and Beijing.


The September stay was conceived as a glamour-packed but intensely political tour that would pave the way for a state visit from the president himself later this year. But Kushner, a 36-year-old property tycoon who is among the president’s top aides, declined China’s invitation to visit, the New York Times reported this week.


Trump administration officials alleged a visit had never been scheduled and could not, therefore, have been cancelled – a claim China specialists gave short shrift.


The White House’s interim communications chief, Hope Hicks, did not immediately respond to emailed questions about the apparently aborted Javanka visit. But China’s foreign ministry hinted that their arrival was not imminent. “China and the US have maintained close communication and exchange at various levels,” was spokesman Geng Shuang’s vague answer when asked if the trip was still on.


Asked if that implied Javanka was no longer be coming, Geng repeated: “As I said just now, China and the US have maintained close communication and exchange at various levels.”


The trip’s cancellation will disappoint a legion of Chinese Javanka aficionados, many of them young, educated and upwardly mobile women who revere the president’s daughter in particular as a symbol of grace and drive.