My vision for Great Britain!

听梅姨讲《My vision for Great Britain》
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听梅姨讲《My vision for Great Britain》_最新英语新闻

I think my political beliefs are really quite straightforward.


I believe that our country needs to work for everyone.


Not just for the rich, not just the privileged. Not just for those who know the right people. Nor who’ve got the loudest voices.


But a country that really works for everyone where every single person has the opportunity to be who they want to be.


In order to ensure that the country works for everyone, we got to fight for it.


Standing up for the vulnerable, for the voiceless against those who feel that they’re strong and powerful.


If you’re doing the right thing, then you must do that however difficult it is. Even if there seems to be an easier path to take.


You need to have a plan. You need to have a vision. As to what you want to do. But above that, you actually need to have determinations to see it through.


There is a streak of public service in me. It comes from my parents. I think it’s important that people give something back. I think that’s what makes our country strong, make our community strong. I see it in my local communities. People coming together for the general good.


As Prime Minister, I have the opportunity to deliver the change that people want.


The change that I think people voted for back on June 23rd. Making sure that we have a government that is on the side of ordinary working class people.


That we can ensure that we’re not just getting the right deal for Britain abroad. But also getting a better deal for people here.


We’re going to deliver on Brexit. It won’t be straightforward, and we can’t rushed. But we will deliver on it.


We have the fifth largest economy in the world. Employment is at record high. Last year, we were the second fastest growing major economy in the world.


So the real fundamental strength to the British economy. I think is the opportunities for us to be trading around the world in a way that we haven’t been able to do up to now. Forging new relationships, new partnerships with other countries around the world.

所以,英国经济的最根本的优势。 我认为是全球性贸易给我们带来的机会。这种全球贸易,我们至今仍然未能实现。同时与全世界其他国家和地区建立新的合作关系,新的伙伴关系。

Britain is a country which is playing its role on the world stage. Taking the opportunities that being a bold and confident and outward looking nation provide.


But crucially, that we are a great meritocracy.


What should determine how you get on in life should be your hard work and your talents. Not where you were born, nor who your parents were. What god you worship, or not. Or whether you’re a man or woman, blank or white, straight or gay.


That’s what I believe in. That’s my plan for Britain.


And together we can build a stronger, fairer, better Britain。