Saudi Arabiawill women be allowed to attend stadiums

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The veteran president of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani has said he will continue to fight for an independent state for his people despite having quitted his office. He complained that nobody stood up for the Kurds after they voted for independence last month. Quentin Sommerville reports.

经验丰富的伊拉克库尔德斯坦总统马苏德·巴尔扎尼(Massoud Barzani)表示,他将继续为了独立的国家而战,尽管他已经辞职。他抱怨称,上月有效的独立选举后没人站出来为库尔德人说话。Quentin Sommerville报道。

Last month the seventy-one year old leader gambled big on a referendum, voting to separate from Iraq. The Kurdish people backed it enthusiastically but Baghdad said it was unconstitutional.


Neighboring countries called it stick. The international community rejected it from the start. A united force of Kurds and Arabs have been vital allies in the battle against Islamic State but after the vote, they turned the weapons on each other, fighting over disputed territories such as the rich oil fields around the city of Kirkuk.


Iraqi government forces quickly gained the upper hand and Kurdish Peshmerga fled. Prisident Massoud Barzani had hoped to leave office as "father of an independent nation of Kurdistan". But instead the Kurdish region and his legacy are diminished.

伊拉克政府军迅速占了上风,库尔德敢死队逃跑。总统马苏德?巴尔扎尼(Massoud Barzani)曾希望作为库尔德斯坦独立国家的开国之父光荣退位,但是结果却是库尔德地区和他的精神遗产都受到了损害。

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has written to the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, proposing a new grievance procedure for parliamentary staff complained about sexual harassment. As more claims of impropriety by MPs emerge, Mrs May says the reputation of parliament is being damaged by such allegations.

英国首相特蕾莎?梅致信下议院院长约翰?伯考(John Bercow),建议为被控性侵的议会成员设立新的申诉程序。随着议员不当行为爆料越来越多,梅首相表示,议会的声誉受到了严重损害。

Saudi Arabia is to allow women to attend sport events in stadiums for the first time. The latest announcement does not move towards giving saudi women more freedom following the lifting of the driving ban last month. Here is our Arab affiars editor Sebastian Ashar.

沙特阿拉伯将首次允许女性在体育场参加体育活动。最新宣布的消息继上月取消驾驶禁令之后进一步赋予沙特女性更多自由。下面是我们的阿拉伯事务编辑Sebastian Ashar的报道。

A brief tweet by the Saudi press agency announced that families will be allowed to attend stadiums in the country’s three main cities, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam from early next year.


That means that saudi women for the first time will be able to go to football matches in the country’s lavish stadiums. It’s another chink in the wall of restrictions around Saudi women, bringing them further into the center of the country’s public life.


And it’s also part of the major drive by the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to reenergize the country’s economy by providing more opportunities and entertainment for all Saudis at home.

这也是年轻的王储沙尔曼(Salman bin Abdulaziz)通过为国内所有沙特人提供更多机会和娱乐活动,为国家经济注入活力的重大努力的一部分。

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