Apple’s iPhone X is Here, and Samsung’s New Ad Ruthlessly Makes Fun of It

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导读:备受期待的iPhone X已经在上周五正式全球发售,而三星也选择在周末发布了一则全新广告宣传旗下Note 8机型。三星在广告中讽刺了苹果系列手机的诸多缺点和变化历史,但还是阻挡不住苹果新机热卖。


As Apple’s long awaited iPhone X hit shelves around the world, Samsung’s newest ad uses the opportunity to make a mockery of the last 10 years of iPhone products.

备受期待的苹果新版手机iPhone X近日全球开售,三星此时却发布最新广告,借机把近10年的苹果手机讽刺了个遍。

Samsung’s latest advertisement, released through the company’s YouTube channel, highlights how apparently late to the game Apple has been with each version of the iPhone over the last decade as compared to other smartphones, from waterproofing to the headphone jack.


The video follows a character upgrading his Apple iPhone each year, and each year continuing to miss out on features like water-proofing, the headphone jack and more, as he compares to Samsung models that do have these features ahead of the iPhone.


Apple’s iPhone X notch has been widely criticized by tech pundits, who have called the design “odd” and “ridiculous.” The reason for the peculiar design is to accommodate a front-facing camera and facial-recognition technology in a device that Apple advertises as “all screen.”


The ad is not Samsung’s first slight against Apple. In 2016, the South Korean firm made fun of its rival’s phones as it launched the Galaxy Note 7, zeroing in on the lack of a headphone jack (which many Apple customers complained about). To go back even further, Samsung released videos on YouTube in 2014 and in a 2013 Superbowl teaser also, mocking Apple smartphones and watches.

这不是三星第一次怼苹果了。2016年,三星公司在发布盖乐世Note 7手机时,取笑苹果手机没有耳机插孔(很多苹果手机用户或许也抱怨这一点)。再往前看,2014年三星在YouTube发布的一段视频,以及2013年在超级碗广告中,都取笑了苹果手机和苹果手表。

The new Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung launched well before the Apple iPhone X, and comes with comes with dual rear cameras with dual OIS, a much bigger 6.3-inch OLED full display with 18:9 aspect ratio. It also has a much bigger battery than Apple’s iPhone X (although Samsung doesn’t like to talk too much about batteries, given the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7).

苹果公司发布最新款iPhone X手机前,三星公司刚刚发布新款盖乐世Note 8手机,配有后置双摄像头且都支持OIS光学防抖,拥有更大的6.3英寸OLED全屏幕,高宽比18:9,电池容量也比iPhone X更大(尽管由于Note 7电池惨败,三星不怎么提这一点)。

Apple may not be too troubled by the mockery: the new iPhone is already sold out, and reports of strong demand around the world have driven the company’s stock to new all-time highs in recent days. And, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: a new trial has been ordered to determine how much Samsung should pay Apple for copying the look of the iPhone.


There’s another irony to this battle: Samsung has a vested interest in the iPhone X’s success, given that Samsung supplies the the OLED display, NAND flash and the DRAM chips in the iPhone.

讽刺的是,iPhone X热卖还能让三星公司赚上一笔,三星公司是苹果手机的OLED显示屏、NAND闪存和DRAM芯片供应商。