Wu Dajiang wins another gold in ISU World Cup Short Track

短道速滑世界杯上海站 武大靖再夺一金
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短道速滑世界杯上海站 武大靖再夺一金

Team China has collected one gold medal and one silver medal on the final day of the ISU World Cup Short Track Event in Shanghai, taking China’s overall medal count up to 3.


Chinese skater Wu Dajing has captured the men’s 1-thosuand meter event, following up on his 500 meter win on Sunday.


He admits he surprised himself with the victory in the 1-thousand.


I won my first individual gold medal of the season yesterday. Today’s gold medal is my first in the 1,000 meter discipline in years. I hadn’t been able to reach the final in the 1,000 for two seasons in a row. So I had no idea I was going to win today. It will give me a lot of confidence as I train and compete in the future, Wu said.


Wu Dajing was flanked on the podium by Chinese-Hungarian brothers Shaolin Liu and Shao’ang Liu.


Shaolin Liu says he’s feeling confident heading into the final round of Olympic qualifying.


I take every result as making my Pyoengchang chances better. This is a qualification World Cup and my main goal was to qualify myself for the Olympics so I was trying to do as much as I can and be as happy as I can, Liu said.


Wu’s joy came to an abrupt halt in the men’s 5,000 meter relay final when he made contact with a Canadian skater and skidded off track.


Wu had just taken the baton from teammate Chen Dequan who slided past the front runners and put China in the lead.


China managed to finish the final in 4th place but was later disqualified with a penalty for Wu.


Wu says he respects the referees’s decisions but is not fully convinced of the verdict.


The penalty was imposed on China. We probably didn’t carry out the details very well, and we probably didn’t get a good idea of how referees judge when there is a situation. For me personally, I don’t think China deserves the penalty. From the referees’ point of view, it was a foul from me. I accept it squarely, Wu said.


Despite not having been able to pick up qualification points, the men’s team is suggesting things are looking up for them heading into the next World Cup event.


Team China was more successful in the women’s 3,000 meter relay, finishing just behind South Korea.


They were able to grab 2nd spot despite not having the services of teammate Zang Yize, who had to be carted out of the arena in Shanghai with a back injury after a hard crash on Saturday.


The extent of her injuries remains unclear at this point.