How A Slip Of Paper Impacted An AIDS Diagnosis

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Christopher Harris was diagnosed with AIDS in the 1980s. At the time, there was only one drug approved for treatment, and the diagnosis often meant a death sentence.

克里斯托弗·哈里斯在20世纪80年代被诊断为艾滋病。 当时只有一种药物被批准接受治疗,而诊断往往意味着死刑。

For Christopher, it led him to become an early member of the Atlanta Buyers Club, which distributed unapproved drugs to treat AIDS patients.


The diagnosis came not long after he began seeing Jim.


"He was so good looking," Christopher tells StoryCorps. "It was the first time that I had fallen in love, and we were together until the day he died."

“他非常迷人,”克里斯托弗告诉StoryCorps。 “这是我第一次坠入爱河,我们一直在一起,直到他去世的那一天。”

Christopher had been married to a woman, but the relationship fell apart after he came out. They lived together for 14 years and had a daughter.

克里斯托弗娶了一个女人,但在他出来后的这段婚姻就结束了。 他们共同生活了14年,有一个女儿。

Not long after he and Jim got together, Christopher, now 73, began feeling sick. He saw several doctors, but he says they all told him the same thing: "Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re just nervous because of your difficult divorce."

他和吉姆在一起不久之后,现年73岁的克里斯托弗开始感到不适。 他看了几位医生,但他说这些医生都告诉他同样的事情:“没有什么不对,因为离婚是件艰难的事,你只是感到紧张不安。”

Christopher wasn’t convinced. That’s when he went to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

克里斯托弗并不相信。 就在那时他去了亚特兰大的格雷迪纪念医院。

"The doctor asked me if I was at a high risk for this new disease that was going about," he says. "I said yes. So when I finally went back for my next appointment, the young resident ... told me that I had AIDS, and I never shall forget, he was about to cry."

他说:“医生问我是否处于这种新发现疾病的高风险之中。 ” “我说是的,所以当我回去准备赴下一个约时,这个年轻人告诉我,我得了艾滋病,我永远不会忘记,他快要哭了。”

He told the doctor he had a child to raise. He couldn’t die — not yet. The doctor told him he had 12 to 14 months.

他告诉医生他有一个孩子要抚养。 他不能死 - 至少现在不能。 医生告诉他,他还剩12到14个月的时间。

"But we’re going to fight to make that better," he says the doctor told him. "Are you willing to fight?"

“但是我们要争取做得更好,”医生告诉他说。 “你愿意和它进行抗争吗?”

At one point during treatment, Christopher’s T cell count had dropped. A physician assistant told Christopher there were some new drugs that might help, but they weren’t available because the FDA had not yet approved them. He told him there was a place in town to get the drugs, but he couldn’t say where. On his way out of the office, he told Christopher he had dropped a slip of paper.

在治疗期间,克里斯托弗的T细胞数已经下降。 一位医生助理告诉克里斯托弗,有一些新药可能会有所帮助,但由于FDA尚未批准,所以无法提供。 医生告诉他在镇上有一个地方可以得到这种药,但他不知道在哪里。 在走出办公室的路上,他告诉克里斯托弗,他落了一张纸。

"I said, ’No, I didn’t.’ He said, ’Yeah you did.’ And I looked down. There was a piece of paper he had thrown across the desk. And I picked it up, and it was a phone number," Christopher recalls.

“我说,‘不,我没有。’ 他说,‘不,你确实落了。’ 我低头看了一眼,他把桌上的一张纸甩了过来,我拿起来看,这是一个电话号码,“克里斯托弗回忆说。

Christopher called the number, reaching a group of men that eventually became known as the Atlanta Buyers Club. They were distributing medications from the black market.

克里斯托弗打了这个号码,见到了一群在后来被称为亚特兰大买家俱乐部的男人们。 他们从黑市分销药物。

After receiving the drugs he needed, he thanked them and said he wished he could help them.


"And they said, ’Do you really mean that?’ I said, ’Yeah.’ They said, ’Well, be here Friday night.’ And I started working with them, at the Buyers Club," he says. "And we were tough. We were just tough. But, I think I’m the only one left, and they were wonderful guys."

“他们说:‘你是认真的吗?’ 我说,’是的。’ 他们说:“呃,星期五晚上到这来。’ 我开始在买家俱乐部和他们一起工作。”他说。 “我们很艰难,我们真的很艰难,但是我想现在只剩我一个了,但不可否认他们都很棒。”