Big Bang promises fans to return as fivesome

Big Bang 承诺回归后仍是组合
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导读:2017年年末,韩国流行音乐组合Big Bang周末举行了组合的最后一场音乐会,因为有组员即将应征入伍,不过,该团体承诺,五人仍会以组合回归。

Big Bang 承诺回归后仍是组合_最新英语新闻

Rounding out 2017, K-pop act Big Bang on Sunday wrapped up its last concert as a group before members’ upcoming military enlistment, with a promise to return as the complete five-piece.

2017年年末,韩国流行音乐组合Big Bang周末举行了组合的最后一场音乐会,因为有组员即将应征入伍,不过,该团体承诺,五人仍会以组合回归。

the two-day concert that kicked off Saturday at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, was especially meaningful to both the K-pop act and fans, as it marked Big Bang’s last performance before it goes on hiatus due to members G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung’s upcoming enlistment. And the members used the time to assure the more than 60,000 fans from all around the world that it won’t be their "last dance."


"We won’t be able to meet you (fans) for some time, so we will do our best to present you the most unforgettable memories," said Taeyang after the group opened the show with "Hands Up."


In the absence of rapper T.O.P, who halted group activities after becoming embroiled in a drug scandal in August, the remaining four members filled the three-hour show with the group’s longtime hits, including "We Like 2 Party," "Bad Boy," "Loser" and "If You," as well as solo performances by the individual members.


The show was delayed for about 20 minutes without prior announcement, but the fans remained patient and supportive, and the show began well.


Since its debut in 2006, Big Bang has been making waves throughout the K-pop scene with the its experimental blend of hip-hop, electronic dance music and rock in its music. Often dubbed the "King of K-pop" for helping K-pop spread internationally, the quintet also made history on the charts with hits like "Day by Day," "Fantastic Baby" and "Bang Bang Bang."

从2016年首秀之后,Big Bang席卷韩国流行乐坛,其音乐开创性地使用了嘻哈,电舞,以及摇滚。经常被成为韩国流行音乐之王,帮助韩国流行音乐国际化,其“一天又一天”,“美妙宝贝”以及Bang Bang Bang."等唱片销售还创造了历史。

While their enlistment dates are yet to be set, the group’s agency YG Entertainment has confirmed that G-Dragon and Taeyang, who ties the knot with actress Min Hyo-rin in February, will join the military this year. Daesung also revealed during the Sunday concert that the show would be his last activity before his enlistment.


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