Chinese rapper apologizes for lewd lyrics, blames ‘Black music’

时间:2018-01-07 单词数:2530

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导读:中国说唱歌手PG One近日因歌曲中的露骨歌词向公众道歉,其理由是早期受黑人音乐的影响,被指将自身错误转移到黑人音乐上。


China’s iconic rapper PG One apologized on Thursday for lewd lyrics, claiming he made the mistake because of “deep influence of Black music” and his misunderstanding of the core values of hip hop culture.

周四,中国著名的说唱歌手PG One为他的露骨歌词道歉,声称他犯了这个错误是因为“黑人音乐的深刻影响”以及他对嘻哈文化核心价值的误解。

PG One rose to fame in 2017 after appearing in The Rap of China, a Chinese rap reality show. Netizens reported his song “Christmas Eve” to the authorities, accusing him of derogating women and promoting drug use as the lyrics contain words “f…,” “bitch” and “white powder.”

PG One于2017年在中国说唱选秀节目《中国有嘻哈》中走红,网友们称他的歌曲《圣诞夜》歌词侮辱妇女和教唆吸毒,以及包含单词“f…”,“贱人”和“白色粉末”。

“I was deeply influenced by Black music in the early days when I was exposed to hip-hop culture, and I didn’t have a correct understanding of core values of hip hop culture,” the singer said on his Twitter-like social media service Sina Weibo account, adding that hip-hop should be about peace and love.


The singer said he has voluntarily removed his song online and will boost positive energy in the future.


The apology apparently wasn’t accepted by the outraged netizens as a lot of them asked him to reflect on himself rather than pass the bucket to African American musicians.


PG One’s song is contemptible, shameless and obscene, and would have a very bad influence on his fans who are mostly in their teens or 20s, said a commentary of the online edition of China Women’s News on Thursday.

《中国妇女报》电子版周四的一篇评论文章称,PG One的歌可鄙、无耻、淫秽,对大多数十几岁或二十几岁的粉丝会产生非常坏的影响。

The Communist Youth League said on its Weibo account that PG One did not give young people the proper guidance as a public figure and has already violated laws with the song.

共青团在其微博上表示,PG One没有展示正确的公众形象引导年轻人,而且这首歌已经违反了法律。