Restaurants to Offer Free Food from Leftovers

名厨开设免费餐厅 将剩余食材烹制供应给穷人
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Massimo Bottura is an Italian chef, with plans to open two new restaurants in Paris and Naples next year.

博图拉(Massimo Bottura)是一位意大利厨师,他计划明年在巴黎和那不勒斯开两家新餐馆。

But wealthy diners will not be welcome. The food will be free, made from market place leftovers and served only to the poor.


Bottura’s Refettorio Ambrosiano restaurant in Milan already feeds the poor and homeless. The restaurant is in an old theater in the outskirts of the city. Chefs at Refettorio cook free meals with leftovers from local shops. They use recipes created by Bottura and other famous cooks.

博图拉在米兰开设的Refettorio Ambrosiano餐馆已经为穷人和无家可归者提供了食物。这家餐馆位于市郊的一个废弃剧院内。餐馆的厨师利用当地商店的剩余食材烹制免费的食物。他们的食谱出自博图拉和其他名厨之手。

Bottura told the Reuters news agency that he never thought leftover foods were a waste.


"Bread crumbs, some overripe tomatoes, brown bananas...they are just opportunities show what we can do with our creativity."


Bottura started the project to reuse leftovers from the eateries of Milan’s international Expo in 2015. The project receives support from the church foundation Caritas Ambrosiana.

2015年,博图拉从米兰国际博览会的餐厅中回收剩余的食物,进而发起了这一项目。该项目得到了教会基金会Caritas Ambrosiana的支持。

Unlike traditional soup kitchens, the guests do not have to wait in a line to receive food. Everyone gets served at tables. This limits the number of daily guests to 96. But Bottura says the experience can help his guests regain confidence and take back control of their lives.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says about one-third of the food produced worldwide each year is wasted or lost.


I’m Jonathan Evans.