Bottle Of Vodka Worth 960,000 pounds Stolen From Danish Bar,recovered but empty

价值96万英镑的世界最贵伏特加被盗 找回时酒被喝光但瓶身未损
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A 960,000 pounds bottle of vodka – claimed to be the most expensive in the world – has been stolen from a Copenhagen bar.


The Russo-Baltique bottle was on loan to a Danish collector when it was seized from the Café 33 bar in the Vesterbro district.

这瓶“俄罗斯-波罗的海”牌的伏特加所有者是一位丹麦收藏家,遭窃酒吧名为Cafe 33,位于丹麦首都哥本哈根Vesterbro区。

Bar owner Brian Ingerberg told TV2 Lorry: “I had loaned [the bottle] from Russia from something called the Dartz Factory, which makes the world’s most expensive cars and vodka. It has been part of my collection for six months, but not anymore.

酒吧老板Brian Ingerberg在接受TV2 Lorry采访时表示,“我从俄罗斯的达尔茨工厂借了这瓶酒,那里出产全球最贵的车和最贵的伏特加。这瓶酒我已经收藏了6个月了,可惜被盗了。”

“I am obviously very upset. It was the icing on the cake in my collection. Of the 1,200 bottles I have, this was a very special bottle.”


Russian luxury car maker Russo-Baltique is said to have created the vodka to commemorate the centenary of the company’s factory,The bottle -- which is worth US$1.3 million, according to its owner.


Ingerberg has released CCTV images of the thieves, speculating that the masked individuals pictured may have somehow obtained a key.


The theft has been reported to the police.


A week later, the $1.3 million bottle has been found abandoned at a construction site in Copenhagen, and it looks like somebody drank all the contents.


Even with the contents gone, the bottle is reportedly still worth $1.3 million, so nobody really cares that it was empty when police found it.


“I feel fantastic. The vodka god saved us,” Ingerberg said to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Ingerberg在接受丹麦媒体Ekstra Bladet采访时说,“我感觉太棒了,伏特加神拯救了我们。”

“I will be sleeping with it under my pillow,” he joked.