Rapper PG One’s songs taken offline

说唱歌手PG One的歌曲在各大音乐平台全部下架
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导读:说唱歌手PG One因歌曲内容低俗被批,主动下架自己所有的歌曲。

说唱歌手PG One的歌曲在各大音乐平台全部下架_英语新闻

All of a popular rapper’s songs have been removed from such music-streaming platforms as QQ Music and Xiami.


Official social-media platforms have criticized one of PG One’s songs, titled Christmas Eve, for promoting drug use and insulting women. He released the song in 2015.

官方社交媒体平台指责PG One一首名为《圣诞夜》的歌曲,称歌曲教唆青少年吸毒和侮辱女性。这首歌于2015年发行。

Its lyrics talk about "sleeping during the day and shouting at night; pure white powder is walking on the floor" and include degrading sexual references.

其中歌词写到“白天睡觉晚上吼,纯白色的粉末在板上走”,其中还有许多侮辱性的性描写 。

The 23-year-old rapper, whose real name is Wang Hao, was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang province. He joined the Xi’an-based hip-hop group, Hong Hua Hui, or Triple H, in 2015, and rose to fame after winning on the Rap of China, a popular online reality show produced by video-streaming website iQiyi.


The 12-episode show ran from June to September 2017 and has received more than 2.7 billion views. It placed the previously underground genre in the spotlight.


Xinhua News Agency posted on its Sina Weibo microblog account on Jan 5, stating that any singer who "doesn’t respect the industry and audience doesn’t deserve to perform on the hip-hop stage".


China Women’s News, which is published by the All-China Women’s Association, also posted an opinion piece on its Weibo account on Jan 4, accusing the rapper of "promoting drug use among young people and insulting women".

中国妇女协会出版的《中国妇女报》1月4日也在官方微博上发声,指责PG One教唆青少年吸毒并侮辱妇女。

PG One apologized on his Sina Weibo account, which has about 4.8 million followers, on the same day. He says he has removed all the songs with offensive lyrics and that "the spirit of hip-hop music should always be love and peace".

当天,坐拥480万粉丝的PG One在微博上道歉。他称他将会下架所有歌词不当的歌曲,嘻哈精神应该永远是和平和爱。

"Many young people are hip-hop fans. I can’t imagine how these songs will influence them," one netizen wrote on Weibo.


The Ministry of Culture released a blacklist of 120 songs that "trumpet obscenity, violence and crime, or harm social morality" and ordered website administrators to remove them from their sites in 2015.


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