Same-sex brides officially marry at midnight in Australia

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The Australian Marriage Act, which allows same-sex couples to legally marry, came into effect on January 9 - and one Melbourne couple were quick to take advantage of the new law.


Teegan Daly and Mahatia Minniecon held their wedding ceremony at midnight, making them one of the first couples to say “I do” under the new act.

Teegan Daly和Mahatia Minniecon在午夜举行了她们的婚礼,这使他们成为第一对在新法案实施下说“我愿意”的伴侣。

The couple held an unofficial ceremony in 2016, before it had been announced that they could be legally married.


They began the festivities with a cocktail party at 9pm which took place at a bar called Ferdyduke.


Just 40 guests were invited, however, the duo also opened up the celebrations to the public via social media.


“This isn’t just about us, it’s about our whole community,” Daly told the Australian Financial Review (AFR).


“It’s a huge moment in history and it’s awesome to have this opportunity to celebrate with people in the community," she said.


While Minniecon donned a traditional white gown for the ceremony, Daly defied convention by opting for a sparkling gold jumpsuit.

当 Minniecon穿上传统的白色礼服参加婚礼时,Daly则打破惯例选择了一件闪闪发光的金色连身衣。

Heartwarming pictures from the occasion, taken by photographer Christian Marc, show the pair celebrating their nuptials and kissing for the first time as a legally married couple.

由摄影师克里斯蒂安·马克(Christian Marc)拍摄的感人照片展示了这对情侣第一次以合法伴侣的身份在婚礼上接吻。

Same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia on December 7 after 61.6 per cent of people voted for the Australian Marriage Act in a postal survey.


At the time, Daly and Minniecon tried not to get their hopes up, revealing to AFR that they didn’t want to have to come to terms with a disappointing result.


However, when it was announced that the law was passed, Daly confessed that they both burst into tears with happiness.