How to Profit From the Ultra-Tight Job Market Right Now

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Time was when recruiters at Intuit, the software company that makes TurboTax and QuickBooks, could ask job candidates back for multiple interviews before making a decision. Not now. “We don’t have that time anymore,” says HR chief Sherry Whiteley. Competition for excellent candidates has become so brutal that “we’ve had to reinvent how we do recruiting.” Using a team of employees who have proved themselves sharp judges of talent, the company puts candidates through a day of interviews and tests. Then the team convenes and makes a decision. “A lot of times we’ll bring people in, and they get same-day offers. We’ve had to do it,” says Whiteley, who adds, “Recruiting keeps me up at night.”


Watch and learn: The war for talent that obsesses tech companies is intensifying and is about to spread economywide. After almost nine years of mostly sluggish expansion, the U.S. economy has shifted into a higher gear and is creating jobs at a record pace. “The new year has started with a job market as robust as any in recent years,” reports the Korn Ferry recruiting firm., the most widely used job site, says, “Get ready for a hiring boom.” With the labor market tighter than it has been in decades, workers who’ve been yearning to change jobs finally have their moment.

注意学着点儿:困扰科技公司的人才争夺战愈演愈烈,并且即将扩展到整个经济领域。美国经济经过近九年的缓慢扩张之后,如今驶入了快车道,正在以前所未有的速度创造就业。猎头公司光辉国际(Korn Ferry)的报告称:“新年伊始的就业市场表现强劲,延续了近几年的势头。”最受欢迎的求职网站Indeed.com表示:“准备迎接招聘高潮。”随着就业市场进入数十年来最紧张的状态,一直希望换工作的劳动者终于等到了机会。

Forecasters are highly confident of the coming boom because they’re looking at simple economics. About 6 million jobs are open at U.S. companies, near an all-time high. Yet employers are filling jobs at the slowest rate in three years, unable to sign the employees they need as more people find work and stop looking. Growing demand, shrinking supply—that’s the formula for rising prices, known in the labor market as pay.