Mother’s Day gift guide: several ideas that will help make mom’s life easier

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get shopping.


What better way to celebrate the mother figure in your life than by gifting her something on May 13 that will make her life easier? We can’t think of one, so we’ve rounded up a few gift ideas for mom that will help her out.


Help mom stay connected. Mom’s schedule is beyond busy. Help her stay connected to her calendar (and more) with a hands-free, voice-activated smart home device, like Google Home ($129 on By simply saying, "Hey, Google," she’ll be able to check her appointment times, play music or ask any other question she might have.

让妈妈的工作方式变得更轻松。妈妈的日程安排非常繁忙。使用支持免提,语音激活的智能家居设备(如Google Home)帮助她保持与日程的实时(以及更多)的连接。通过简单地说,“嘿,谷歌”,她将能够检查她的预约时间、播放音乐或询问她可能存在任何其他问题。

Help mom with dinner. Is your mom a cooking queen? Give her a break with a subscription to a meal kit service. Several companies have become part of the the popular dinner tool business, which means there are plenty of options to fit your family’s needs.


Help mom clean up. Let mom put her feet up while a robot does the cleaning by gifting her a iRobot Roomba 801, which sucks away dirt and can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times per week ($399 on Its dirt detection sensors also alert the machine to concentrate on areas that need a little extra cleaning — so the finished job will be up to mom’s standards.

帮助妈妈收拾屋子。让机器人iRobot Roomba 801来帮主妈妈完成清洁工作,它可以吸走灰尘,并且可以每周清理7次(在Jet.com上为399美元),让妈妈轻松一下。 它的污物检测传感器也提醒机器专注于需要额外清洁的区域,因此完成的工作将达到妈妈的标准。

Help mom de-stress. Did you give mom an essential oil kit for Mother’s Day last year? Upgrade her collection with natural soaps infused with the same soothing aromatic oils. Edens Garden’s Lavender Magnolia bar will hydrate skin as its scent helps promote relaxation ($10.95). They also sell a De-Stress Set that includes three different anxiety-melting oil blends ($21.95).

帮助妈妈减减压。你去年给妈妈一个母亲节的精油套装吗?使用天然肥皂,并加入同样有舒缓作用的芳香油。Edens Garden的薰衣草木兰棒能滋润皮肤,因为它的香味有助于促进放松(10.95美元) 他们还出售了一款De-Stress套装,其中包含三种不同的焦虑融化油混合物(21.95美元)。