Not Even Half of Invited Diplomats Will Attend US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

尴尬!86国代表受邀为美使馆开张捧场 多数不想去
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尴尬!86国代表受邀为美使馆开张捧场 多数不想去_最新英语新闻

Some 30 foreign diplomats accepted the invitation to the US embassy’s opening ceremony in Jerusalem, scheduled for Sunday. The invitation was issued by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to diplomats from 86 foreign states. Four days before the ceremony, fewer than half of the recipients have RSVP’ed as "going."


Twelve countries have already said they refused the invitation, either due to timing or other conflicts or out of principle, according to Haaretz. Among those to refuse are Australia, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Russia and Sweden.


Interestingly, three states commonly perceived as opposing the embassy move — Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria — accepted the invitation. Two countries who are seen as friendly to Israeli government policy — Romania and Austria — have yet to announce their decision.


The Foreign Ministry event will be attended by US President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump; her husband, fellow presidential adviser Jared Kushner; US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and other elected US officials. On May 9, Hadashot TV reported that a number of EU states, including the UK, France and Germany, are going to boycott the event.

美国总统唐纳德特朗普的女儿和顾问伊万卡特朗普将出席此次外交部的活动,除此之外,还有成员包括特朗普女婿库什纳、财政部长姆努钦以及白宫高级顾问贾里德·库什纳和其他美国政府官员。5月9日,Hadashot TV报道说,包括英国,法国和德国在内的一些欧盟国家将抵制该活动。

The ceremony will take place the evening before the day the new US embassy officially opens. Some 800 guests have been invited to the opening, including "religious and business leaders, journalists, academics and government representatives from the United States. We have also invited several Israeli government representatives and political leaders to attend.