‘I love the joy it brings’ Retired teacher fathers 65 kids from the back of his van

英国已婚男子无偿上门捐精已成65人父亲 目标是100个
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Clive, whose story is being shown on a Channel 4 documentary Super Sperm Donors, drives around providing semen samples to grateful recipients across the country.


The sperm-donor, who has refused to give his last name, is married with three children and nine grandchildren, and is hoping to reach is his target of fathering 100 children.


Speaking to The Sun, Clive, of Staffordshire, said: “I give them the syringe and will talk to them for about five to ten seconds, just make a bit of idle chit-chat.


“They are often nervous and it’s just a way of putting them at ease.


“I know this is probably unusual but for me, by doing it in the van there is far less involvement, less emotional attachment.”


He said: “I also know, technically, if any of the ladies ever wanted to report me to the Child Support Agency in the future, they could nail me for 18 years for child payments.


“This has never happened but it is another reason why I use my van.”


“I am so proud to have fathered 79 children. I love the joy it brings. So many people say, ‘Thank you so much, Clive, you really have changed our lives’.


“That, for me, is why I do it. It’s special. I wanted to help their plight because I love children so much.”


Clive makes around 16 donations each month but only a couple lead to a pregnancy.


The couples that Clive helps are a mixture of heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and single women.


He said that he decided to do it because he felt sorry for the recipients and wanted to help them.Sperm from a fertility clinic can cost around 6,000 pounds.


He added: “You never know how the emotional side is going to play out. You wonder if you will start to think that they are your children and will you want access. But I have never had any of these feelings.”