What we can learn from Xi’s childhood

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Childhood memories remain with us for a lifetime. On this International Children’s Day, we explore how President Xi Jinping spent his childhood and whether these experiences made him the person he is today.


Xi Zhongxun, father of Xi Jinping, served as chairman of the Shaanxi-Gansu Border Region, a CPC revolutionary base of the 1930s, and was called by Chairman Mao Zedong a "leader of the people." Xi Zhongxun later led Guangdong in its implementation of reform and opening-up policies and in the construction of special economic zones in the province.


Dad leads a frugal life, almost to the point of being harsh. The strict family discipline is well-known. We have been taught to live a thrifty life since childhood. Such a family tradition should be passed down from generation to generation, Xi said in a letter to his father in 2001, when he was the governor of Fujian province and was unable to attend his father’s 88th birthday celebration due to work commitments.


The family had a tradition of adopting the frugal and austere lifestyle. Throughout their childhood, Xi Jinping and his younger brother used to wear clothes and shoes handed down from their elder sisters.


Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan named their daughter "Mingze" - in Chinese implies "living an honest life and being a useful person to society", which is their expectation for her and also a symbol of their family’s simple style.


While meeting with representatives to the first National Conference of Model Families in December 2016, Xi talked about books he read as a child.


When I was a child, my mother gave me a picture-story book series-The Legend of Yue Fei. One of its more than 10 volumes shows Yue Fei’s mother tattooing four characters saying ’serve the country with the utmost loyalty’ across his back, Xi said, adding that the story deeply impressed him.


It’s been my lifelong aspiration to ’serve the country with the utmost loyalty’,” Xi said.


Ahead of the International Children’s Day in 2014, Xi visited a primary school in Haidian district in northern Beijing, attending school activities and meeting students, their parents and teachers.


While attending the ceremony of the Young Pioneers, Xi told the students about his crying story", saying "I cried because I wasn’t old enough to become the first batch of the Young Pioneers." Then children all laughed when Xi asked: "Is it embarrassing to cry for this?"


Xi also talked about his experiences of being class leaders and told the children to take responsibilities in different jobs. "All sectors of society should work together to nurture the seeds of socialist values in their heart so that the values can take root and germinate," he said.


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