Study Finds Hot Classrooms Hurt Learning

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Some American students recently completed the school year and others are preparing to end soon. But as students in some parts of the country already deal with hot classrooms, the summer break cannot come soon enough.


Some new research has found that student performance drops when temperatures rise. The study mainly blames a lack of air-conditioning in many U.S. schools for causing learning problems.


The private, non-profit organization National Bureau of Economic Research released the working paper, Heat and Learning. Its writers are from Harvard, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Georgia and The College Board.


The researchers examined test results of 10 million U.S. students attending high school from 2001 to 2014. The paper says the students scored lower during hot school years than cool ones.


The research is thought to be the first major study to center on the direct effects of heat on school learning. The study reported that on average, a one degree increase in temperature during the year before an exam led to a one percent drop in learning.


The research found that days reaching at least 38 degrees Celsius reduced student scores by up to 50 percent. The findings suggest higher temperatures greatly harm classroom productivity for both teachers and students.


“Our findings suggest that, even in highly-industrialized economies, heat exposure can reduce the rate of learning and skill formation,” the researchers reported.


They wrote that students from poor families and minority groups suffered the most learning problems due to heat.


The study found that higher heat affected black and Hispanic students about three times more than whites. It suggested the effects of heat in the classroom could be responsible for about 13 percent of the U.S. racial achievement difference. The study noted that many black and Hispanic students live in hotter places than white students. It also found more white children attended schools with air-conditioning.