’Women break world skinny dipping record with Ireland beach swim

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Thousands of women have shed their inhibitions and their clothes on a secluded beach in Ireland for a world-record setting “skinny dip” to raise funds for a children’s cancer charity.


Lucia Sinigagliesi, the Guinness World Records official that adjudicated the naked swim on Saturday, said that 2,505 women spent at least five minutes in the sea to set a new world record.

吉尼斯世界纪录官员Lucia Sinigagliesi是上周六该裸泳的裁定者,他说,2505名女性在海中至少呆了五分钟时间,创造了一项新的世界纪录。

The previous record was set in Western Australia in 2015 when 786 participants swam naked near Perth, although an event in Finland involving 789 people also claimed the record.


On Saturday, in 12C waters off Magheramore beach 50km south of Dublin, more than three times that number gathered to break the record.


The swim has been an annual event since it was started by Dee Featherstone in 2013, just weeks after her own mastectomy. The events have raised thousands of euro.

自从Dee Featherstone进行乳房切除术一年之后,在2013年开创该活动,此后这成为年度活动。这些活动筹集了数千欧元。

“Oh my god it was amazing. I have never been naked in front of anybody before, except my husband, and it was brilliant and bracing. It was great craic,” Deirdre Betson from Dunboyne said after leaving the water. “We are all different shapes and sizes and ages and it was just super.”

“哦,我的上帝啊太神奇了。除了我的丈夫之外,我从来没有在任何人面前裸露过,这真是太棒了。气氛很欢乐。”来自Dunboyned镇的Deirdre Betson在离开水面后说道。 “我们身体的形状,大小和年龄各不相同,这真实超级棒。”

This year the money raised will go to Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, a charity set up in 2010 by Mick Rochford and Jimmy Norman, after Norman’s daughter Aoibheann died from cancer at the age of eight.

今年,筹集的资金将用于“Aoibheann粉红领带”,这是由Mick Rochford和Jimmy Norman于2010年设立的慈善机构,是在Norman的八岁女儿Aoibheann死于癌症后成立的。

“Aoibheann went to school with my daughter. She would have been 17 this year. We did it in her memory,” said Betson.