Are Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrows Fake? Strange Pictures Prompt Conspiracy Theories

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导读:七国集团(G7)峰会刚在加拿大结束,不过,堪称颜值担当的加拿大总理特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)却被发现疑似假眉毛“掉落”。


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow was the unexpected star of the G-7 summit, prompting online speculation after it appeared to slide down his face.


Trudeau was speaking at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron when the apparent eyebrow mishap occurred, with pictures appearing to show one eyebrow unusually lower than the other.

当时特鲁多正在与法国总统埃曼纽尔.马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)联合举行的新闻发布会上讲话,两眼上方的眉毛竟然“跑掉了”,并且一边的眉毛要低于另一边。

“Eyebrowgate” may well have been due to the lighting at the press conference or to pictures taken at a strange angle, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about Trudeau’s possibly fake eyebrows online, with Twitter loving the strange images.


Among those enjoying the eyebrow conspiracy theories was Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and father of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

前阿肯色州州长、白宫新闻秘书萨拉.哈克比.桑德斯的父亲迈克.哈克比(Mike Huckabee Sanders)就属于喜欢“眉毛阴谋论”的人。

“Breaking wind from CNN! @realdonaldtrump announces new tariffs on fake eyebrows!” he wrote.


Another user shared footage from the press conference, writing, “Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after meeting Trump—so what? These days, who doesn’t wear fake eyebrows?”


And memes from the possible fake-eyebrow fail include caterpillars on the loose, flying eyebrows and an eyebrOther tweets speculated about why the Canadian prime minister would need to don fake eyebrows.


The G-7 summit also saw President Donald Trump lash out at the Canadian prime minister after he said that Canada would with “absolute certainty” impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods.

在七国集团峰会上,美国总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)猛烈抨击加拿大总理,此前他曾表示,加拿大将“绝对肯定”对美国商品征收报复性关税。

“Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!” Trump tweeted Sunday.