Vin Diesel honored with PhD from Hunter College... 30 years after dropping out of university

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导读:以《速度与激情》当中“唐老大”爆红的范迪塞尔(Vin Diesel)在大学退学、追求好莱坞梦想30年之后,现在拿到纽约市立大学亨特学院“荣誉博士学位”。他穿着长袍在2000名学生面前开心领取证书,“不只是张帅脸,我现在是个博士!”


Vin Diesel can now call himself a college graduate. The Fast and Furious actor was awarded an honorary PhD from Hunter College in New York on Wednesday, nearly 30-years after dropping out of the university.


The ceremony took place at the historic Radio City Music Hall, and the honor officially makes him a Doctor of Human Letters in English. The 50-year old looked every bit the college grad by wearing a traditional robe. He paired the outfit some light colored pants, dark boots and sported a movie star touch of dark sunglasses. But the thing that stood out the most on this day: that big beaming smile. Dr. Diesel was over the moon with joy.


During his commence speech he talked about the lasting impact the college has had on him: ‘While I was in Hollywood I always had this pride of Hunter College. I would tell everybody that I learned and took so much away from my experience at Hunter College.’ Diesel added, ’I was young, I was a bouncer, when I wasn’t bouncing I was in these classrooms with the most diverse student body on the planet.’


He even touched on the lack of diversity in Hollywood and the impact that it had on a multi-cultural kid like himself: ‘We’re strivers. We can overcome anything. You learn that here and you take into the world. And then you can look at Hollywood and change the face of Hollywood.’ And we all know how that turned out. Diesel went on to achieve mega-success in Hollywood, with hits like the Fast and Furious franchise, The Chronicles of Riddick series.


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