World’s Ugliest Dog Contest amid ’shower of slobber’

不忍直视!世界最丑狗狗地包天 丑出一片新天地
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导读:近日,美国加州佩塔卢马,2018年“世界最丑狗”评选活动在当地举行,世界各地人都带来了自己的丑狗狗参赛。据悉,来自美国明尼苏达州的英国斗牛犬Zsa Zsa“丑压群犬”,登上冠军宝座,赢得1500美元奖金。

不忍直视!世界最丑狗狗地包天 丑出一片新天地_最新英语新闻

The 30th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest came to a close in Petaluma, California, on Saturday as Zsa Zsa, an English bulldog with a bodacious tongue that dangles down to her chest, taking best -- er, worst? -- in show. Owner Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, said in an email to CNN that Zsa Zsa -- who has two fur brothers, a pug and a Frenchie -- owes her impressive tongue to her almost horizontal upper teeth and heavily pronounced underbite, which make it difficult to keep the pink.

周六,第30届世界丑狗竞选在加利福尼亚州佩塔卢马结束,一只英国牛头犬Zsa Zsa,超长的舌头从嘴巴一侧垂落,最终“丑压群犬”,登上冠军宝座。来自明尼苏达州Anoka的饲养者Megan Brainard在给CNN的一封电子邮件中说,Zsa Zsa有两个毛皮兄弟,一个哈巴狗和一个Frenchie,她拥有令人印象深刻的舌头,几乎是水平的上齿和严重明显的下颚,这使得它难以保持粉红色。

"We keep it moist since it’s dry all the time, and use dog ChapStick for her lips," she wrote. "Her favorite thing is to play with you and put that tongue on your face. It feels so weird." Brainard will receive $1,500, "a very large trophy" and a flight to New York, where she and Zsa Zsa will appear on the "Today" show. She did not indicate how Zsa Zsa will celebrate, but it will probably involve the pup’s favorite munchies: Chipotle and Slim Jims.

“因为狗的嘴唇一直都很干燥,必须使用ChapStick润唇膏保持它的湿润,”她写道。“她最喜欢的是和你一起玩,并把舌头放在你的脸上,感觉很奇怪。” Brainard将获得1500美元奖金、“一个非常大的奖杯”和一次免费飞往纽约的航班,她和Zsa Zsa将出现在“今日”节目中。她没有指出会如何庆祝,但可能奖励小狗最喜欢的零食:Chipotle和Slim Jims。

Many of the pups taking part in the contest were rescued from kill shelters or puppy mills, organizers say. That includes Zsa Zsa, your 2018 queen, who spent five years at a puppy mill in Missouri before being purchased by the nonprofit Underdog Rescue. "From the moment we saw her beautiful face, we knew we would be her forever home," Brainard said. "We are so excited for her. She deserves this."

组织者说,参加比赛的许多幼仔都是从避难所或小狗工厂获救的。这包括2018女王Zsa Zsa,她在被非营利机构Underdog Rescue收购之前曾在密苏里州的一家幼犬工厂工作了五年。“从我们看到她美丽的脸的那一刻起,我们知道我们将永远是她的家人”Brainard说,“我们为她感到非常高兴,这都是她应得的。”