Bizarre lunar anomaly suggests humans may have warmed the moon

美国研究揭秘月球变暖原因 人类引起的?
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美国研究揭秘月球变暖原因 人类引起的_最新英语新闻

A new report from a team of researchers at Texas Tech suggests humans may have inadvertently given the moon a fever because we were a little too messy during our Apollo visits. NASA conducted a heat monitoring experiment on landing sites 15 and 17 between 1971 and 1972. During that time, it noted the temperature of the area increased by four degrees Fahrenheit. The mystery has bugged lunar observers for decades.

德克萨斯理工大学的研究人员,刚刚在一份新报告中指出 ——人类可能在无意之中,让月球的温度变得更暖了。究其原因,可能是阿波罗任务所造成的混乱。1971-1972年间,NASA在登月着陆点进行了15-17次热监测实验。在这段时间里,其注意到该地区的温度上升了4华氏度。几十年来,这个谜团一直困扰着月球观察者。

In order to solve the puzzle, the researchers, led by Seiichi Nagihara, searched for several lost NASA tapes that recorded three years’ worth of temperature readings. After eight years, they managed to find them.

为了解开这个谜团,Seiichi Nagihara带领的研究团队搜寻了几盒NASA遗失的磁带,因为其中记录了三年的温度读数。好消息是,他们终于在八年后找到了。

The team have now recorded their findings in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. According to the researchers, astronauts who walked on the moon may have shifted too large an amount of dust from the surface. This revealed a layer of darker, heat-absorbing soil which otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to solar rays.


So those romantic images of eternal footprints on the surface of the moon? Turns out us stomping around up there, swinging at golf balls, may have had an unintentional effect. If you look at images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, you can see the dark lines of tracks going across the surface.