US ’firing at itself’ while ’opening fire on world’ with tariff measures, says China

特朗普挑起中美贸易战 商务部:美方征税是向世界开火,也是向自己开火
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China has issued a stern warning to the US one day before the trade fight between the worlds’ two biggest economies escalates into an all-out trade war.


US President Donald Trump’s administration is set to impose a 25 percent tariff on Friday on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods.


Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng said, “On the US’ so-called list of $34 billion in taxable products, about $20 billion or 59 percent of them, are made by foreign invested enterprises, with American companies representing a significant portion.”


“The US measures are essentially attacking the global supply and value chain. Simply put, the US is opening fire on the whole world, and also firing at itself,” he added.


When asked to make comments on reports that the US could add a tax on $500 billion worth of Chinese goods, Gao said, “Using the tariff stick to bully on trade runs against the trend of the times. China will not bow in the face of threats and blackmail.” He added that “China will work with the rest of the world to fight against outdated and inefficient protectionism and unilateralism and commit to safeguarding the stability of global trade.”


However, Gao said China will wait to see what the US will do before taking retaliatory actions.


“China will never fire the first shot,” he said. “If the US adopts taxation measures, China will be forced to fight back to defend the core interests of the nation and the interests of the people.”


Gao also announced at the news conference that “Chinese tariffs on American goods would take effect immediately after US duties on Chinese goods kick in.”