Tariffs are weighing heavy on US chipmakers

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征税正让美国芯片制造商倍感亚历山大 _ 双语新闻

When billions of dollars in new US tariffs against China come into effect on Friday, just $250 million worth of chips will be hit.


But the levies have triggered deeper anxieties among US semiconductor companies about disruption to their close trade links with China — as well as worries that Washington is shooting at the wrong target in trying to protect a key part of the American technology industry.


A reminder of the high stakes came on Tuesday, as news spread of a preliminary injunction from a Chinese court banning some sales in China by Idaho-based Micron Technology, whose memory chips are used in many smartphones, computers and other devices.

对高风险的一个提醒出现在本周二, 有消息称,中国一家法院发布初步禁令,禁止总部位于美国爱达荷州的美光科技(Micron Technology)在中国销售其生产的部分产品。美光科技的存储芯片用于许多智能手机、电脑和其他设备。

Fears that the company would be at least partially shut out of a market that accounted for about half its revenues last year sent Micron’s shares down more than 5 per cent on Tuesday.


To many observers in the US, the timing of the Chinese ruling, which came in a patent case, was no coincidence. Ambrish Srivastava, an analyst at BMO Capital, said it appeared to be a “tit-for-tat” move with tariffs inked. “It’s showing how much leverage China has,” he said.

对于美国的许多观察人士来说,中国法院选择这个时候在一起专利案件中作出上述裁决并非巧合。BMO资本市场(BMO Capital Markets)的阿穆布里斯斯里瓦斯塔瓦(Ambrish Srivastava)表示,在美国关税生效之际,这似乎是一种针锋相对的举措。