Hotpot culture:a golden future in China’s restaurant industry

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中国餐饮业的黄金未来 _ 双语新闻

Fast-growing Beijing-based restaurant group Haidilao Hotpot has employed humorous gimmicks — from dancing noodle chefs and manicures to teddy bears for solo diners — to sell its Sichuan food. But now the chain has embarked on a more serious project: preparing for an initial public offering.

总部位于北京发展迅速的川味餐饮集团海底捞火锅(Haidilao Hotpot)用尽各种花哨的招式来吸引客人,从跳舞的拉面师傅和美甲到为单身客人提供泰迪熊。最近,这家连锁集团开始做一件更为严肃的事情:筹备首次公开发行IPO。

The chain, known for offering massages and pedicures to customers waiting for tables, is set to list in Hong Kong as part of a wave of IPOs and private fundraising by China food service groups tapping demand from discerning millennial customers.


China’s restaurant industry, which had sales of Rmb 4trillion ($622billion) last year, is forecast to grow by about 10 per cent annually over the next five years, according to Frost & Sullivan, a market research group. Rising incomes and an expanding middle class have made China the second-largest restaurant market after the US, according to a report by the China Cuisine Association, an industry body.

根据弗若斯特沙利文咨询公司(Frost & Sullivan)的数据,去年中国餐饮行业的销售额达到4万亿元人民币(合6220亿美元),未来5年预计每年增长约10%。行业组织中国烹饪协会(China Cuisine Association)的一份报告称,随着居民收入水平提高和中产阶层壮大,中国已成为全球第二大餐饮市场,仅次于美国。

Meanwhile, younger, digital-savvy consumers have encouraged a boom in delivery apps and digital payments. Investor appetites have been rising as a result.


“The next couple of successful private equity and venture capital backed food chains are seeking IPO opportunities as exit options,” said Hao Zhou, a partner at Bain & Company.

贝恩(Bain & Company)合伙人周浩表示:“接下来几家得到私募和风投支持的成功连锁餐饮集团正在寻求IPO机会,作为退出的途径。”

Haidilao, which serves Sichuan hotpot, filed for an IPO on May 17, looking to join 14 other Chinese restaurant groups listed in major stock markets in China, Hong Kong and the US. The size of the IPO has yet to be disclosed, but the company earned Rmb1.6 billion in pre-tax profit last year on revenue of Rmb10.6 billion.


Hotpot is the most popular Chinese cuisine in the country, with a 14 per cent market share in 2017, according to Frost & Sullivan. It is usually eaten “family- style”, with diners sitting around a simmering pot of broth in which they cook seafood, meat and vegetables.


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