Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascot names revealed

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The names of the mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games were officially unveiled on Sunday, according to the latest tweet from the Tokyo organizing committee.


The blue and white checkered pattern is named Miraitowa which stands for the Japanese words future and eternity combined. The pink one for the Paralympics is named Someity (pronounced soh-may-tee) which comes from a popular cherry blossom variety "Someiyoshino" and echoes the English phrase "so mighty," added the official account of Tokyo Organizing Committee on Twitter.

蓝白相间的方格图案被命名为Miraitowa,意为日语中“未来与永恒”的组合。东京奥组委在推特上的官方微博上说,残奥会的粉色吉祥物被命名为“Someity”(读作“soh-may-tee”)源自一种受欢迎的樱花品种“Someiyoshino”,与英文短语“so mighty ”(强有力的)相呼应。

The two futuristic figures were first released on Feb. 28. this year and they were designed by 43-year-old Ryo Taniguchi. This graphic designer from Fukuoka, in southern Japan, explained his designs are a combination of traditional values with futuristic looks that could imply the concept of "innovation from harmony" in relation to the games.


"The Olympics mascot has a strong sense of justice and is very athletic, and the Paralympics one has a dignified inner strength and a kind heart that loves nature," the biographical notes said.


Moreover, children across the island country played a role in helping the mascots stand out from a total of 2,042 entries. The Mascot Selection Panel in Tokyo involved the voting process with a nationwide educational program called "Yoi Don!", which means "Get Set" in English.

此外,整个岛国的孩子们帮助这个吉祥物从总共2042个作品中脱颖而出。东京的吉祥物评选委员会通过一个名为“Yoi Don!”的全国性教育项目参与了投票过程,在英语中是“准备开始”的意思。