Holidaymakers evicted from Airbnb villas by foreign police

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Holidaymakers are being visited by police and even thrown out of their Airbnb apartments after unwittingly falling foul of local laws.


Airbnb, the home-sharing website, is allowing properties to be listed in places such as New York, Singapore, Japan and parts of Spain, where many short-term holiday lettings have been restricted or banned.


Money Mail can reveal that tourists are arriving at properties to find ’No Airbnb’ signs posted inside the buildings, security guards who want to interrogate them and a hostile reception from other residents.

英国研究机构Money Mail表示客人到达酒店时会发现楼内的“没有爱彼迎”标志,保安人员会严厉质问游客,客人还会受到其他居民的敌意接待。

In the worst cases, guests are being denied entry to properties or even evicted by police part way through their stay.


Airbnb, which lists more than five million properties across 191 countries, has surged in popularity since it launched in 2008. The website allows anyone to advertise their room or property and every night more than two million people worldwide stay in accommodation booked through the site.


But Airbnb has faced a backlash in some countries where locals blame it for pushing up longer-term rents, putting hotels out of business and disrupting neighbourhoods.


As a result, a number of foreign governments have tightened the rules, in extreme cases banning holiday lettings altogether.


Yet short-term Airbnb has failed to stop owners in these areas from placing listings and isn’t warning guests that the properties they are renting break local laws.


Insurance brokers also warn that holidaymakers who are thrown out of their accommodation after unwittingly breaching local rules will not get a payout for their ruined trips on their travel cover.


It says hosts are asked to check and abide by any specific rules for their building or area. A spokesman adds: ’Airbnb has already worked with 500 government authorities on measures to help families share their homes and follow the rules, and we’ll continue to expand this as we grow, ensuring everyone benefits from the rewards of home sharing.’