How to dress your dating profile?

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There are some 46 million people in the world using the dating app Tinder. Countless more are searching for a mate on Bumble, Happn or — for the snobby yet painfully insecure — Raya, a “private members’ service” that rejects anyone who doesn’t have a solid stock of Instagram followers or a minor IMDb credit. Across all these apps, there is a common theme: most of the men are wearing terrible outfits in their profile photos. Perhaps a trilby. Perhaps Lycra cycling gear. Perhaps a Superdry T-shirt. Perhaps no top at all.


Contemporary commentary likes to paint women as obsessives, endlessly scrolling in search of love, fruitlessly hunting for a gem among the melee of selfies. “Where are the good ones?” asks a female friend, thumbs exhausted.


Where indeed? More than 60 per cent of app users are men, which makes the shortage of prospects even more outrageous. But most have no idea how to present themselves online. What would persuade a decent guy with a solid job, a tolerable personality and a normal bunch of human friends, to put on a pair of Elton John-style star-shaped glasses and use it as his profile pic? Is that pocket square a good idea? Or that cartoon tie? That’s not even your dog, is it?

那么实际情况又是怎样呢?60%多的交友App使用者为男性,这使得穿着不得体的问题变本加厉。但多数人并不知如何呈现完美网照。工作体面、性格宽和以及有着正常朋友圈的好男人在自己的网照中公然戴着埃尔顿约翰(Elton John)风格的星形眼镜,这背面的动因是什么?西服方巾或是佩戴卡通领带效果就会好些吗?尽管这些玩意儿是他们根本就不要想的,对吧?

Then there are the prop guys who have a car, or boat, or golf clubs in every shot. Or the workout guys, who only use images shot in the gym. Others like to include an image of themselves with a baby, captioned with the caveat “not mine”. No thanks.


What can men do better? Carbino has some tips. “Always smile in photos. Smiling increases men’s likelihood of being swiped right on by 14 per cent. Men should also always face forward in their photographs. Facing forward increases their likelihood of being swiped right on by 20 per cent.” (On these points, women should also take note.)


She is dismissive of the selfie. “I think they are my biggest pet peeve — they are highly ineffective. Photos in the mirror or at the gym reduce a man’s likelihood of being swiped right on. Selfies convey that an individual is narcissistic, which is one of the least appealing characteristics in a potential partner.”


As for clothes, profile-dressing is an art, she argues. “The profile should be considered a book and every photo in that book should be considered a chapter.” For one of those chapters, she suggests a suit. “Men wearing formal clothes are perceived as being more serious by potential partners and thereby more attractive.” Perhaps that explains the popularity of the ubiquitous “best man” photograph.


I turn to Jenny, a successful 30-something art director and dating-app enthusiast, to see if she agrees. Her focus, unsurprisingly, is on the basics. “Why can’t men format a photo?” she asks. About one in three have their profile picture cropped so tight you can’t even see their ears. “You should never see someone’s face that close before you’ve met them. It’s actually scary?.?.?.?” To demonstrate her point, she gets out her iPhone and begins flicking through profiles. “Face is too large, face is too large. Another big face on my big phone — it fills the screen. It’s the number one problem.” Overzealous zooming is not her only bugbear. She also loathes anyone in fancy dress. Jenny points at her phone. “Take this guy — I guess he’s dressed up as Pee-wee Herman. Or maybe that’s just him — we don’t know.”

我询问30多岁的珍妮是否认同我的看法,珍妮是艺术总监,也是约会App的热心用户。她关注哪些基本点,完全在预料之中。“为何男士不规范一下自己的照片格式?”她这样问道。约三分之一的男士把自己的网照剪裁得太小以致于连耳朵都瞧不见了。“女士永远不会近身瞧看男人脸,除非是正式会面,因为这样容易吓到女士……”为了验证其说法,她掏出自己的iPhone手机,即时翻看交友App中男士的个照。“脸照太大了,实在太大了。宽屏手机上的大脸照——脸照都占满了整个手机屏。这是最大的问题。”过份放大脸照并非唯一让人不舒服的事。她还特别不喜欢穿潮装的男士。珍妮指着自己的手机。“瞧这位老兄——我猜测他想装扮成皮威赫曼(Pee-wee Herman)的模样,或许就是他本人——实际情况我们不得而知。”

There are many other no-nos. Do not take photographs that show off a messy house — a dirty pile of clothes is not a good backdrop. Do not upload group photographs, so your potential date is faced with some strange Where’s Wally-like challenge to find you. And never, ever upload a single photo — it suggests you’re hiding something.

类似的网照禁忌不胜枚举:不要拍显摆自家屋子邋遢的照片——一大堆脏衣服并不是理想的衬托;也不要上传合照,否则女生会面临类似《聪明的沃里》(Where’s Wally)一书中所呈现的同样棘手问题——不知哪位是阁下?记住,任何合照都不要上传——这只能暗示您意欲掩饰些什么。