11 Impressive Questions To Ask At The End Of Every Job Interview

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No matter how prepared you are, a job interview is a nerve-wracking experience. You have to answer a torrent of questions on the spot and sell yourself to a hiring manager — sometimes even a room full of strangers. And when it comes time for you to do the asking, will you be ready?


These days, it’s pretty standard for an interviewer to conclude by asking if you have any questions about the job. And what you ask can make or break your chances.


We talked to recruiters, hiring managers and people who landed jobs for the best questions to ask if you want to impress the interviewer and glean important information about your potential new gig.


1. What made you choose my resume for an interview?


“As someone who has been hiring interns and junior staff for the past 10 years, the most memorable question I had a candidate ask me was this one. It flipped the script on me because I was so used to asking ‘Why should we hire you?’ Instead, I had to tell her what I liked about her experience and application, which is absolutely great insight to receive during the interview process. It’s like getting free career advice.” ― Laura Meditz, vice president of Poston Communications

Poston Communications公司的副总裁劳拉·麦德茨说:“在过去十年中,我一直负责招聘实习生和基础岗位职员。一次一位候选人向我提出了这个让我印象深刻的问题。这让我耳目一新,因为我习惯了问求职者:‘我们为什么要录用你?’与之相反,我不得不告诉她我究竟喜欢她工作经验和工作技能的哪些部分。这些都是在面试过程中吸取经验的绝佳机会。这就像接受免费职业指导一样。”

2. What are the biggest challenges faced by your company/department today?


“I like asking this question to get a real sense of what they feel is most needed in their business. It could be a specific skill, improved processes or just additional resources to handle workload. Answers to this question will help you understand what your job will entail and give you the opportunity to explain how you could tackle your employer’s biggest challenge. On the other hand, if their biggest struggle doesn’t match your skills or expectations, it could be a useful red flag before accepting a new job.” ― Daniel Buchuk, director of communications at Bringg


3. What makes you different from your competitors?


“When I applied for my current job, I asked questions about the company’s competitors and how they differentiated themselves. This is a good question to ask because companies want to see that you are diligent enough to do your homework in advance of the meeting and have a genuine interest in the field you are moving into.” ― Casey Hill, blogger at Musings of Entrepreneurship

Musings of Entrepreneurship的博主凯西·希尔表示:“我在申请现在从事的工作时询问面试官公司与竞争对手相比有何不同。这是个很好的问题,因为公司乐于看到你足够勤奋地进行面试的准备工作,并且对即将从事的领域真正感兴趣。”

4. Can you give me an example of how you live out the company values?


“I like to find out what values the company promotes on their career page — passion, integrity, accountability, etc. — and I’ll ask the interviewer how they live one or more of those values, especially as a manager. If the interviewer is dumbfounded, it typically shows that the values are nothing more than empty messaging. If they can answer the question, it shows the company believes in and instills its values in employees and the interviewer is probably a thoughtful manager.” ― Jennifer Bewley of Get Uncuffed

来自Get Uncuffed的詹妮弗·比尤利认为:“我希望得到的答案是公司在职业生涯页面宣传的诸如激情、正直、尽责等价值观,我还会询问面试官他们是如何实践其中一种或几种价值观的,尤其是作为一名经理的做法。如果面试官呆立当场,那么证明这些价值观不过只是随口说说罢了。如果面试官能够回答这些问题,说明这家公司确实拥有这些信仰,而且这些信仰也灌输给了公司员工,面试官也绝非浑浑噩噩之辈。”

5. What is your training program like?


“I have found that reputable companies will answer this question by saying that the training period is as long as a new employee needs. Training that is rushed or fast-tracked to meet a quota or deadline isn’t an effective way to find reputable and reliable employees. Any new job comes with a learning curve; a good company will offer thorough training and help employees to obtain all the skills they need to be successful in the company.” ― Carlee Linden, writer for Best Company

Best Company的撰稿人卡莉·林登表示:“我发现,有名望的公司总是这样作答:培训期的长短要根据新人需要确定。如果培训杂乱无章,或只是为了应付指标考核和截止日期,那么如果公司希望找到信誉良好又做事可靠的员工,这种方法难以奏效。新员工总会经历学习曲线,一家好公司会提供完善的培训,帮助新员工掌握在新公司成功开展工作的技能。”

6. What recent diversity hiring and promotion efforts are you most excited about?


“As a woman of color who is also very keen on advancing in her career, I often ask questions that would give me an insight into the company’s diversity efforts. I also almost always follow this question by requesting a tour of the office. You’d be surprised what you can glean just by walking around. It gives me an insight into whether their response is canned or truly embodied by the organization.” ― Stella Odogwu, founder and CEO of Intelle Coaching Solutions

Intelle Coaching Solutions的创始人和首席执行官斯黛拉·欧多格乌说:“我是一名有色人种女性,同时也热切盼望在自己的职业生涯中有所进步,我经常提出这个问题来判断公司在种族多样化方面是否付出了努力。提出这个问题之后,我几乎总会要求参观公司的办公室。在办公室中走动所搜集到的信息简直让人难以想象。我能够从中判断面试官的回答属于随意敷衍还是确有其事。”

7. What do you enjoy most about working here?


“First off, if the interviewer can’t answer this question, there should be sirens going off in your head that this might not be the greatest place to work. That said, most of the time, it allows an opportunity to get personal with the interviewer and allow them to talk about themselves for a change. This mutual exchange results in a stronger bond while allowing you to learn more about some of the great things the company has to offer.” ― Alex Benjamin, professional recruiter and owner of resume writing service Recruiter Written

专业招聘人和简历写作服务网站Recruiter Written的所有人艾利克斯·本杰明认为:“首先,如果面试官答不上来,我的脑海中就会响起这样一种声音:这家公司恐怕不是最理想的工作地点。尽管如此,大多数时候,我们有机会和面试官进行个人对话,让他们聊聊自己的感受,这就是一种改变。通过互相交流,你们之间的纽带会更加紧密,你也可以了解这家公司的最佳之处是什么。”

8. What are the most successful team members doing differently from the average team member?


“If there is one thing that interviewees could do that would help them stand out from other candidates, it would be to be bold, speak with confidence and ask questions that hint you are a high performer who is looking to succeed with the company. This question shows drive to outperform mediocracy while also learning more about the expectations of the work required to achieve excellence in the position.” ― Emily LaRusch, CEO and founder of Back Office Betties

Back Office Betties的创始人和首席执行官艾米丽·拉鲁什说:“如果某位面试者能够从所有候选人中脱颖而出,那么这位面试者一定勇气十足,言谈间充满自信,他提出的问题也暗示自己将会是一位表现优异的员工,希望和公司共同取得成功。这个问题表明面试者有不甘平庸的动力,同时对于该职位工作对优秀员工的要求也会有更多了解。”

9. How will you know whether you hired the right person three months from now?


“I love this question because as a job seeker, it gives you a clear idea of the hiring manager’s goals, expectations and objectives for you if you are hired. It also gives you a chance to pause and consider if the answer sounds like things you will enjoy. It can add a bit more clarity to the job and the results the company is hoping to achieve by filling this position.” ― Helen Godfrey, owner of career counseling service the Authentic Path

职业生涯咨询服务公司the Authentic Path的所有人海伦·戈弗雷说:“我喜爱这个问题,面试者可以清楚地了解招聘经理对你入职后寄予的目标、期望和目的。面试者也可以暂时停下来,思考面试官的回答是否符合心中所想。面试者可以更清晰地了解应聘工作的情况,公司究竟希望招聘为这一岗位带来何种结果。”

10. How would your co-workers describe your management style?


“It’s important to ask about your potential manager’s leadership style but not just what they think about themselves. Asking what their peers and direct reports would say of their management style is key ― even better if they’re open to you talking to one of their direct reports about their leadership. A manager can make or break a job, so getting more context around the people you’ll be working with most closely will help in decision making.” ― Carly Kuper, senior vice president of public relations and corporate communications at CMI/Compas


11. Can you show me around before we wrap up?


“This question allows applicants to differentiate themselves at the end of their interviews by creating a unique experience with the interviewer that won’t be shared among other candidates. In fact, I can still recall my interview many years back with a candidate who asked me this very question. It breaks hiring managers out of their routines and forces them to leave the interview room and interact more naturally with the candidate.” ― Peter Yang, co-founder of ResumeGo