China unveils top 500 enterprises in 2018

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China unveiled this year’s top 500 Chinese enterprises on Sunday with State Grid, Sinopec and PetroChina securing the top three of the list.


The State Grid Corporation of China tops the list, with revenues reaching 2.4 trillion yuan (351.4 billion US dollars) in 2017, followed by the Sinopec Group (2.21 trillion yuan) and the China National Petroleum Corporation (2.2 trillion yuan).


This year, companies with an annual revenue exceeding 30.69 billion yuan are eligible and allowed to be listed, the first time hitting the 30 billion yuan threshold.


Revenues for China’s top 500 companies stood at a total of 71.7 trillion yuan, up 11.2 percent year on year, and the growth rate increased 3.6 percentage points compared with last year.


Meanwhile, these companies stand out in restructuring and research and development (R&D). New modes of businesses are emerging and the process of cutting overcapacity is making progress.

与此同时,这些公司在重组和研发( R & D )中脱颖而出。新的商业模式正在出现,削减产能过剩的进程正在取得进展。

The R&D expenses of the companies totaled 895 billion yuan, up by 21.6 percent year on year, and a total of 956,000 patents are created, up by 29.6 percent year on year.

这些公司的研发费用总计8950亿元,同比增长21.6 %,共创造了95.6万项专利,同比增长29.6 %。

Wang Jiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of China Enterprise Confederation, said that companies on the list are mostly large companies who play a key role in structural reform and innovation, so they enjoy a faster growth and sound performance.


In addition to traditional state-owned enterprises, 237 private companies are listed this year, showing a growing trend of half and half.


The rest of the top 10 include the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), Ping An Insurance Group, China Construction Bank (CCB), SAIC Motor, Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) and China Life Insurance Group.

排名前十的银行还包括中国工商银行(ICBC)、中国建筑工程总公司(CSCEC)、平安保险集团(Ping An Insurance Group)、中国建设银行(CCB)、上海汽车(SAIC Motor)、中国农业银行(ABC)和中国人寿保险集团(China Life Insurance Group)。