Chinese Billionaire Released by Minnesota Police After Arrest on Alleged Sexual Misconduct

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Liu Qiangdong, the billionaire chief executive of Chinese e-commerce giant Inc., JD was arrested Friday in Minnesota on suspicion of sexual misconduct but released after what the company said was a false accusation.

中国电子商务巨头京东(, JD)的首席执行长、亿万富豪刘强东上周五因涉嫌不当性行为在美国明尼苏达州被捕,但随后获释,京东称指控失实。

“During a business trip to the United States, Mr. Liu was questioned by police in Minnesota in relation to an unsubstantiated accusation,” the company said Sunday in a statement. “The local police quickly determined there was no substance to the claim against Mr. Liu, and he was subsequently able to resume his business activities as originally planned.”


John Elder, public information officer for the Minneapolis Police Department, said a man he identified as Qiang Dong Liu had been arrested on a sexual misconduct allegation and released, but said the case remains open.

明尼阿波利斯警察局新闻发言人John Elder说,一位名为刘强东(Qiang Dong Liu)的男子因不当性行为指控被捕,随后获释,但案件还未完结。

“This is an active investigation,” Mr. Elder said. “That individual was released pending formal complaint.”


Mr. Elder said Mr. Liu was held on probable cause before being released, with no bail being set. Investigators in Minnesota can either hold a person for up to 36 hours before charging them, or release them and continue an investigation.


“We can charge him anytime up to the statute of limitations running out,” Mr. Elder said. Depending on the details of the crime, criminal sexual conduct could either be a gross misdemeanor or a felony, he said.


The Minneapolis Police Department declined to comment on Mr. Liu’s whereabouts. Mr. Liu is allowed to leave the area and the country, if he wishes, the police said.


“We are confident that we will be able to get in touch with him as the time becomes necessary,” Mr. Elder said.


The local Hennepin County Sheriff’s website shows Qiang Dong Liu born on March 10, 1973, was arrested at 11:32 p.m. Friday on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct and released the next day at 4:05 p.m.

亨内平县(Hennepin County)警长办公室的网站显示,刘强东因涉嫌犯罪性行为于当地时间上周五晚上11点32被捕,在第二天下午4点05分被释放。

The chief executive, who also uses the Western name Richard Liu, was born March 10, 1973, records show.

相关记录显示刘强东出生于1973年3月10日。刘强东的英文名字为Richard Liu,

A spokeswoman for declined to comment beyond the company statement, and declined to say what Mr. Liu—whose company is based in Beijing—was doing in Minnesota.


The University of Minnesota said Mr. Liu was a student at the school’s Doctor of Business Administration program, a business-education program aimed at top business leaders in China. Participants were in Minneapolis last week for a residency component of the program, the university said.


The University of Minnesota said it couldn’t comment on any specific allegation involving its students.