Happy Teacher’s Day: Crazy things we all did to be a teacher’ pet

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For those who are now busy chasing their careers, this is the one thing about school days that everyone would agree unanimously—school days were the best days. While the pressure of scoring the highest marks mounted every year, we found enough time to enjoy their share of fun. And not to mention the love and hate relationship we shared with our teachers. While we believed some to be no less than an ogre, there were others who had our undivided attention without even demanding for it and we would compete with each other to be his or her favourite student.


Whether we admit it or not, everyone might have, at some point of their life, worked hard to be a teacher’s pet. To be the favourite comes at its own price—the wrath of our friends and the uncertainty of what the future holds. Let’s look at some of the crazy but amusing things a student did to be a teacher’s pet.


Wiped the blackboard clean before the teacher arrived


This is one thing you never missed doing—wiping the blackboard clean before the teacher arrived. You made sure the blackboard shone just like your school shoes and there was not a speck of white dust settled on it. And you did it religious every day like your life depended on it!


Was the first to raise your hand whenever the teacher asked any question


You would wait patiently for the moment, which might be dreaded by most students. As soon as the teacher asked a question, you would raise your hand before she could even finish her question. It was your way of telling her how attentive you are in the class and know everything that she had just taught.


The first bench, always the first bench


You were the occupier of the coveted first bench. It was like your second home because you wanted to be the first one the teacher noticed. And anyone who dares to displace you from there does so at great risk.


The first to submit the homework


Do we even need to explain why? The only way to impress a teacher is by excelling at what he or she taught. You would submit your homework before your teacher could even ask for it.


You would secretly note down the names of students who talked during class


Although you might not have been the class monitor, it didn’t stop you from secretly noting down the names of the students who talked during your favourite teacher’s class. And to earn a brownie point, you would tell him or her all about it.