The 5G Race: China and U.S. Battle to Control World’s Fastest Wireless Internet

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The early waves of mobile communications were largely driven by American and European companies. As the next era of 5G approaches, promising to again transform the way people use the internet, a battle is on to determine whether the U.S. or China will dominate.


Equipment makers and telecom operators in both countries are rushing to test and roll out the next generation of wireless networks, which will be as much as 100 times faster than the current 4G standard. Governments are involved as well—with China making the bigger push.


The new networks are expected to enable the steering of driverless cars and doctors to perform complex surgeries remotely. They could power connected appliances in the so-called Internet of Things, and virtual and augmented reality. Towers would beam high-speed internet to devices, reducing reliance on cables and Wi-Fi.

在5G支持下,无论是无人驾驶汽车上路行驶,还是医生进行远程复杂手术,都有可能变为现实。该网络可以为所谓物联网(Internet of Things)、虚拟现实和增强现实中的联网设备提供依托。信号塔将把高速互联网接入设备,降低设备对线路和Wi-Fi的依赖。

At the Shenzhen headquarters of Huawei Technologies Co., executives and researchers gathered in July to celebrate one of its technologies being named a critical part of 5G. The man who invented it, Turkish scientist Erdal Arikan, was greeted with thunderous applause. The win meant a stream of future royalties and leverage for the company—and it marked a milestone in China’s quest to dominate the technology.

华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)高管和研究人员7月份齐聚深圳总部,庆祝该公司一项技术被认定为5G开发的关键一环。发明了这项技术的土耳其科学家Erdal Arikan收获了大家雷鸣般的掌声。这一胜利对华为来说意味着未来的特许费收入来源和谈判筹码,同时也是中国寻求主导5G技术过程中的一个里程碑。

At a Verizon Communications Inc. lab in Bedminster, N.J., recently, computer screens showed engineers how glare-resistant window coatings can interfere with delivering 5G’s superfast internet into homes. A model of a head known as Mrs. Head tested the audio quality of new wireless devices. Verizon began experimenting with 5G in 11 markets last year.

最近,在Verizon Communications Inc.(VZ)位于新泽西州贝德明斯特的实验室,电脑屏幕向工程师演示了防眩光窗户涂料如何干扰5G超高速互联网接入室内。一个名为“Head夫人”的头部模型测试了新无线设备的音频质量。Verizon去年开始在11个市场试验5G技术。

Nearby, in Murray Hill, N.J., Nokia Corp. engineers are testing a 5G-compatible sleeve that factory workers could wear like an arm brace during their shifts to steer drones or monitor their vital signs. The company began its 5G-related research in 2007.

在距此不远的新泽西州墨里希尔,诺基亚公司(Nokia Co., NOK)的工程师们在测试一个5G兼容套袖,工厂工人值班时可以像手臂支架一样佩戴这种套袖来操纵无人机或用来监测自己的生命体征。诺基亚在2007年就开始了5G相关研究。