Robots to create millions of jobs, but these ‘safe’ careers could be hit hard

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Robots will create double the amount of jobs that they will destroy, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), but there will be significant shifts in the structure of America’s workforce that could impact everyone.


A new WEF report, The Future of Jobs 2018, predicts that 75 million jobs will be displaced by artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation. But it also suggests that 133 million new jobs may be created as organizations shift the balance between human workers and machines, a net gain of 58 million.

世界经济论坛的一份新报告《2018年就业前景》预测,人工智能(AI)、机器人技术和自动化将取代7500万个工作岗位。 但随着人和机器之间组织平衡的转变,将会创造1.33亿个新工作岗位,净增5800万个工作岗位。

It is a widely held belief that routine, low-skilled jobs are most at risk for automation, but the WEF’s report showed that many middle-class roles are also at risk. Financial analysts, accountants and lawyers could all see significant changes by 2022. But manual workers could be among the hardest hit.


Meanwhile, there could be a huge change in the structure of the workforce, with the executives surveyed by WEF expecting a shift away from full-time work and towards flexible, contract-based gig economy employment with a focus on productivity.


All industries expect sizable skills gaps, stating that at least 50 percent of their workforce will require reskilling of some degree. The aviation, travel and tourism industry will have the largest demand for reskilling, with 68 percent of its workforce requiring some reskilling.

预计所有行业的岗位都会有大量的技能人才缺口,至少有50%的员工需要进一步再培训。 其中航空和旅游业对再培训的需求最大,大约68%的在岗人员需要进行再培训。