Chinese female tourist Thailand is “murdered”, Malaysian male colleague is suspect

中国女游客泰国“被谋杀” 男同事为嫌疑人
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中国女游客泰国“被谋杀” 男同事为嫌疑人__双语新闻

A female corpse was discovered on September 20th in the Hat Yai Waterfall Scenic Spot in Songkhla, Thailand. It was confirmed as a Chinese woman. The police said that according to the evidence, the police investigated the case as a murder case.


Surachate Hakpan, the Thai police investigating the case, told the BBC Thai reporter that the police had reported the case as a murder case. He said that the autopsy of the police found that there was not much water in the lungs of the deceased. I believe that the deceased did not die in drowning. Eye and head injuries do not seem to be caused by falling.

负责调查此案的泰国警察素拉切(Surachate Hakparn)周五(28日)对BBC泰语记者说,此案作为谋杀案侦办。他说警方尸检发现死者肺中进水不多,相信死者并非溺水死亡。眼睛和头部伤势似乎不是有坠落造成。

The police also found a "big stone". Someone used this stone to hit the head of the deceased several times in a row, causing her to die. The diver is still discovering the fragments of the passport that the deceased was torn.


The police have cancelled the visa of a man involved and detained him.


The Thai police revealed to the BBC reporter that they are investigating the case, collecting evidence, and will apply to the court for arrest warrants for the suspect next week.


According to the English newspaper "Bangkok Post", quoted by Surachate Hakpan, the name of the female deceased is Lei Tian.

据英文报纸《曼谷邮报》(Bangkok Post)报道,据Surachate Hakpan援引的一篇报道,死者名叫雷田。

The police said that the detained Chinese man said he was unaware of the death, but he admitted to going to the waterfall. All information stored in his phone has been deleted.


The parents of the deceased will go to the Ivory Falls scenic spot on Friday (28th) and meet with police officials at the National Police Headquarters in Bangkok.


The Thai police said earlier that the deceased may have been drowned, his backpack was found in the trash can, the mobile phone was also thrown into the waterfall, and the SIM card was taken away. The suspect currently locked by the police is a Chinese man who works with the deceased in a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.