Operation Red Sea’ represents Hong Kong to compete for Oscar

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"Operation Red Sea" will represent China’s Hong Kong Special Administration Region to compete for the Best Foreign Language Film honor at the 91st Academy Awards, the film’s official Sina Weibo account announced on Monday.


The film’s director Dante Lam said on Weibo that he felt honored that the film is gaining recognition, and thanked the crew and everyone’s support.


The story of "Operation Red Sea" was adapted from an evacuation operation carried out in 2015, when the People’s Liberation Army Navy sent a warship to war-battered Yemen and relocated nearly 600 Chinese citizens.


The film, released in February, has raked in 3.65 billion yuan (532 million US dollars) and occupied the top spot in China’s film market so far in 2018, only second to "Wolf Warrior 2," the top-grossing film of all time in China.

这部电影于今年2月上映,目前已获得36.5亿元(5.32亿美元)的票房,并在2018年迄今为止占据了中国电影市场的榜首位置,仅次于中国有史以来票房最高的电影《战狼2》(Wolf Warrior 2)。

"Operation Red Sea" has won many domestic awards, including the award for Best Feature Film at the 14th Changchun Film Festival, Best Visual Effects at the 2018 Beijing International Film Festival, and Best Film at the 25th Beijing College Student Film Festival.


This time, the military blockbuster will compete with 10 other foreign language films across the world, including "Shoplifters" from Japan, "Burning" from South Korea, and "Memoir of Pain" from France.

这一次,这部军事大片将与全球其他10部外语片展开竞争,包括日本的《扒手》(Shoplifters)、韩国的《燃烧》(Burning)和法国的《痛苦回忆录》(Memoir of Pain)。