The 26-year-old with a 100m pounds sportswear brandGymshark

创始人成功使用网红 品牌价值已超一亿英镑
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导读:英国广播公司的系列报道《老板》(The Boss)将介绍全球各地的商业领袖,本周我们采访了英国运动品牌Gymshark的创始人本.弗朗西斯(Ben Francis)。

创始人成功使用网红 品牌价值已超一亿英镑__双语新闻

The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles a different business leader from around the world. This week we speak to Ben Francis, founder of UK sportswear brand Gymshark.

英国广播公司的系列报道《老板》(The Boss)将介绍全球各地的商业领袖,本周我们采访了英国运动品牌Gymshark的创始人本.弗朗西斯(Ben Francis)。

It is hard to know how a then 19-year-old Ben Francis had the time or the energy to get Gymshark up and running.


While many young entrepreneurs have to juggle running their start-up with holding down a nine to five job, back in 2012 Ben was a full-time student by day, and a pizza delivery man by night.


I’d wake up and go to Aston University [in Birmingham], then finish uni early afternoon, and work at Pizza Hut from 5pm till 10pm, he says.


I could answer emails [about Gymshark] in between deliveries. Then I’d go home and sort out the website, and design new products.


After two exhausting years of this - with annual revenues of his nascent business hitting an impressive 250,000 pounds - Ben quit both university and the world of pizzas to focus on his company.


Fast-forward to today, and Gymshark expects turnover this year to reach 100m pounds.


Before Ben set up the business in 2012 it is fair to say that the entrepreneurial fire was already burning in his belly.


As a young teenager he set up a website that sold car licence plates. A keen gym-goer, he then built and launched two iPhone fitness tracking apps, one of which earned him around 8,000 pounds.


Emily Sutherland, a features writer at trade magazine Drapers, says Gymshark’s use of social media influencers has been key to its success. "The influencers give shoppers a reason to buy into Gymshark over other brands, because they feel a personal connection," she says.

英国时尚杂志《Drapers》撰稿人萨瑟兰(Emily Sutherland)认为,Gymshark成功的关键在于得当使用社交媒体上有影响力的网络红人。

Ms Sutherland adds that because Gymshark is an online-only and direct-to-consumer brand, it is "able to remain nimble, react quickly to market changes, and isn’t weighed down by expensive store costs".


As for the future, the plan is to expand Gymshark’s overseas sales. Already 40% of its sales come from the US, and it aims to have 25 international country-specific online stores by 2020, up from 11 at present.


The company may also open its first bricks-and-mortar store.


I don’t go shopping very often, but I’m thinking of the best way to do a permanent location somewhere, says Ben. "I’m not sure, we’d need a lot of space. I want to do a cool destination."