8 things about Frost’s Descent

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The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Frost’s Descent, (Chinese: 霜降), the 18th solar term of the year, begins this year on Oct 23 and ends on Nov 6.


Frost’s Descent is the last solar term of autumn, during which time the weather becomes much colder than before and frost begins to appear.


Here are eight things you should know about Frost’s Descent.


1.Frosty autumnFrost consists of white ice crystals of frozen water vapor near the ground. During Frost’s Descent, frost begins to appear. But in the lower reaches of the Yellow River region, frost first appears in late October or early November. As Frost’s Descent comes, the world is filled with the atmosphere of late autumn.


2.Eating persimmonsEating persimmons during Frost’s Descent can help people resist the cold and protect their bones. In the countryside, people believe that their lips will crack if they don’t eat persimmons during this period.


3.Eating applesThe apple is one kind of recommended fruit during Frost’s Descent. There are many sayings about apples’ benefits in China, such as "Eat an apple after meals, even old men can be as strong as young men," just as the Western proverb goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apples can moisten the lungs, quench one’s thirst and help one’s digestion.

3.宜吃苹果在霜降期间,苹果是一种值得推荐的水果。 在中国关于苹果的好处有很多说法,比如“老人饭后一苹果,体格健壮赛小伙”,还有些西部省份的谚语说到:“一天一苹果,医生远离我”。总之,苹果可滋润肺部、润喉解渴、帮助消化。

4. Eating pearsThe pear is another recommended fruit during Frost’s Descent, which can promote the secretion of body liquids, clear away heat and reduce sputum.


5. Eating duckIt’s a custom to eat duck on the first day of Frost’s Descent in south Fujian province and Taiwan. There is a saying in Fujian which goes, “Even nourishing all year is not as good as nourishing the human body on the first day of Frost’s Descent.” Eating duck is a way for people there to gain weight.

6.善吃鸭子在霜降的第一天吃鸭子,是福建南部和台湾的一项传统。 在福建有句谚语说到:“一年补透透,不如补霜降”。吃鸭子是人们贴秋膘的一种方法。

6. Eating chestnutsEating chestnuts during Frost’s Descent is beneficial for one’s health. Chestnuts have a warm nature and sweet flavor, and are good for nourishing the spleen and stomach, invigorating the circulation of blood, relieving coughs and reducing sputum.


7. Eating datesThe date is one of the fruits on the market during Frost’s Descent. Nutritious with a great number of vitamins, dates can nourish the blood, decrease blood pressure, and improve one’s immunity. But eating too many could be harmful. Rotten dates can cause headaches and dizziness or even put people’s lives in danger.


8. Frost’s Descent FestivalPeople in areas such as Daxin county in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region celebrate the first day of Frost’s Descent. In the Frost’s Descent Festival, the Zhuang people offer sacrifices, dance and sing folk songs. With a history of more than 360 years, the festival is to commemorate Cen Yuyin, a heroine in battles against foreign aggression.

8.壮族霜降节广西壮族自治区大新县等地的人们会庆祝壮族霜降节第一天。 在壮族霜降节中,壮族人向先人提供祭祀、唱起民歌、欢跳起舞。霜降节历史已逾360年,它的诞生是为了纪念与外国侵略作斗争的巾帼英雄岑玉音。

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